The Home Screen or the Campaign List as we sometimes call it, is the Full List of Campaigns that you have access to. This screen allows you to access any of these campaigns, create new campaigns (if you need to), or perform campaign level actions (if you have access) - this will be covered in the article below. Read on!!

So we highlighted some sections in the screenshot above, please follow them as you read through (we'll move clockwise).

LOGO (HOME BUTTON) - Top Left corner - This Logo section (Talkpush Logo + Customer Logo) is visible from any screen and if you click this, it allows you to return to this Home Screen from from anywhere within the software. In case you don't know how to get here, just click the logo!

USER MENU - Top Right corner - Clicking here will show you access to the Company Profile, Analytics, Usage Data, My Account. Each of these sections are hyperlinked to other articles if you would like to read more.

NEW CAMPAIGN - right under User Menu - This is what you will click if you want to set up a new campaign from scratch. Once you click this you will go through the campaign setup wizard (Same screens as the Campaign Settings)
CAMPAIGN LIST- the actual list in the middle of the page - Here you’ll see the Campaign Name, Count of candidates in Inbox, Completed & Shortlisted folders, followed by whether Autocall, Chatbot or Inquiry indicators. The Autocall indicator tells you if the campaign is set up for triggering automated phone interviews right after the candidate applies (you can read more about interview methods here). The Chatbot indicator tells you whether any campaign is publicly listed in the Facebook Messenger Chatbot. The Inquiry indicator tells you whether this campaign is supposed to collect inquiries within the Facebook Messenger chatbot (think of this as an Inquiry category). You can set this up in the campaign settings)

CAMPAIGN ACTIONS - last column in the campaign list - These are additional configuration actions that are visible either (a) If you are a superuser OR (b) If you created a campaign yourself. Provided you have access, you will see the following action options - Campaign Settings (takes you to the campaign settings wizard), Duplicate Campaign (allows you to create an exact copy of your existing campaign. quite time saving if you don't want to start from scratch), Export Campaign Data (allows you to export the candidate data in that campaign) & Delete Campaign.(to delete the campaign forever)

INTERCOM - bottom right corner (the green circle) - This is your helpline. Any time you need us, just type in a message. You Customer Success Manager is continuously monitoring this communication channel and will be there to help you out immediately. You can also access our other content (e.g. the help articles like this one and Talkpush blog, etc.)

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