We are excited to release our newest feature which now allows you to move candidates from one campaign to another. A lot of you asked for the ability to move candidates across different campaigns and voilà, now you have it!

Here is a quick video explaining it: 

When would you move a candidate? Let's say you are hiring for multiple job openings but you come across a candidate who is a much better fit for another role (than the one he/she applied to) and you would like to invite him/her to that campaign to be considered for the "alternate" role. 

How do you move a candidate? Its super simple! All you have to do is click on "Move candidate" in the chat toolbar and a popup will prompt you to select a campaign and status that you wish to move the candidate to. Once you have selected the Campaign + the status (which stage of the interview process) you want the candidate to be in - you simply need to click on "Move to campaign" button and the candidate will be moved to that folder and campaign.

Selecting the right status: As mentioned above, you can move the candidate to a specific stage of the interview process (for the new role), i.e. If you want the candidate to complete a fresh interview for the new campaign (maybe because the current interview doesn't cover all expectations of the new job that you want the candidate to go through), you will have to move him/her to the INBOX (in the new campaign). This will clear out the original interview and prompt the candidate to submit a new one. But let's say that the candidate was already shortlisted in the original campaign and you don't need to re-interview him/her, you can simply move to the same status in the new campaign. All the interview responses will be retained and the candidate can be processed accordingly in the new campaign.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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