Talkpush has a great feature of distributing your incoming leads (candidates) to the recruiters by using the Recruiter Assignment feature. This can set up to run automatically, i.e. all new candidates that are added to the campaign are assigned to one or more recruiters OR manually, i.e. the company admin can manually assign any lead (candidate) to any specific recruiter in the team.

Automatic Assignment:

The automatic assignment takes all new incoming leads (candidates) in a specific campaign and distributes them evenly to your designated users. This is done using an algorithm called Round Robin (in case you're interested, there is a note at the bottom**) and this is done at a campaign level. So if you have multiple campaigns where you need the distribution to be set up it will have to be done for each campaign. Setting this up is super easy. Just go over to Campaign Settings > Permissions tab. Once you are here, you will see 3 sections - 

Team Members || Members with Access || Auto Assign

The Team Members section shows all the people in the company with access to Talkpush. The Members with Access is the list of people who have access to this specific campaign. And finally, the Auto Assign section is the list of people (subset of the Members with Access) who will be assigned the new leads. 

To add people to the Auto Assign section, you must first add them to the Members with Access section (drag and drop from Team Members list). Once the recruiters are in the 2nd column, simply drag and drop to the Auto Assign section. Once done, click on Save.

That's it! automatic lead distribution is now set up in your campaign. All new leads will be evenly distributed 

Manual Assignment

The Company Admin (i.e. super user) can also manually assign the candidates to any recruiter in the company (requires the recruiter to have access to at least 'any' one campaign). Assigning a lead manually can be done directly from the Chat UI. When the lead is selected the Assign Recruiter button is clearly visible in the action pane in the chat panel. Clicking this opens up a pop up box with the list of all recruiters in the company. Simply select the recruiter to assign the candidate to and click the Assign Manager button.


What happens when a lead is assigned?

Once a lead is assigned, the assigned recruiter will be able to filter them very specifically. At the recruiters' end (who ever has received any assigned candidates) the Campaign drop down list will show an additional option - My Leads. When the recruiter selects this option, the candidate list will be filtered with only the leads assigned to that specific user (recruiter)

Working on a dedicated set of leads (candidates) allows recruiters to be more accountable for the candidates they are responsible for. This feature also allows for better focus and concentration as the recruiters aren't distracted by the huge volume of candidates that are constantly getting added to the campaigns.

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**How Round Robin distribution works: Let's say there are three recruiters in the Auto Assign queue. Now, if six leads are added to your campaign, Candidate 1 will be assigned to Recruiter A, Candidate 2 to Recruiter B, Candidate 3 to Recruiter C, Candidate 4 back to Recruiter A and so on in a cyclic order.

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