If you are investing in Facebook Advertising, you might want to consider setting up a Traffic ad that send traffic to your Facebook Messenger chatbot. 

Step 1: Set up you Ad on Facebook and select either Traffic or Messages ad as the ad campaign objectic

Step 2: If you selected Traffic Ad, then ensure to specify the traffic destination is Messenger (this is done at the Ad Set configuration stage)

Step 3: In the Ad setup (edit mode), Click on “Set Up Messenger Content”

You can use pictures, text and buttons to deliver an engaging candidate experience.

How to edit the Messenger Content (Pop Up Screen)

Method A: Using the Quick Creation tab (faster)

(a) Introductory Text: Use this as Headline (of sorts) when the candidate first arrives in messenger (after clicking the Advertisement)
(b) Message Format
: Option to use just Text or Image & Text
(c) Fill Message Text
: This should be the text that candidates see before continuing with the application. Use this to create awareness about the position and/or reinforce the requirements of the role or even list down the steps involved in the interview process.
(d) Image
(if “Image & Text” format is chosen): Include an image that resonates with the position(s) you are advertising, or tied to the company culture

(e) Buttons: The buttons add a great visual direction to the candidates and a great tool for improving the user experience. Set up the buttons by filling the following:

  • Label: This is the text that appear on the button. You could simply have 1 button which says, “Get Started” or have multiple buttons which can redirect candidates to different job positions in the Chatbot. You could also use additional Call to Action text like "Apply"
  • Action: You can either select “Open Website” or “Send a Postback” (“postback” allows you to send specific commands to the bot, for e.g. job selection). Basically, this specifies what the button is supposed to do. With Talkpush you can use the "Send a Postback" and then specify the payload (this is recommended). The payload to send candidates to a specific campaign is "apply_for_position(123)" where 123 is the destination Campaign ID. You could also use "choose_position(123)" if you don't want to the candidate to have to review the job description.

Alternative: Using the JSON Creation tab (for advanced users)

This tab allows you to directly edit the code behind the messenger welcome text/actions. You can set the messages, the content, the button, etc. by simply altering the source code.

Always make sure to test if the integration is working by clicking the Preview in Messenger App.

And tadaaaaaa!!!!

All this configuration pays off in a beautiful candidate Experience, which is effortless, seamless and offers candidates increased clarity, awareness & context about the role.

Let us know if you need any help in setting this up.

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