To navigate to the Usage Data section, simply click on your Usage Data button on the upper left part of the screen.

Once you are in Usage Data dashboard, you will see 4 sections - Call Logs Export, Interview Statistics, SMS Statistics and Audio Recording Statistics. All of these items have a billable aspect (variable costs that are incurred if your quotas exceed. 

Call Logs Export

This export allows you to look at all the calls triggered to your candidates. Calls included in this export will include Autocalls (phone based automated interview calls triggered directly by the system, if you've enabled this option), Robocalls (phone based automated interview calls triggered by recruiters) and Live Calls (live recruiter to candidate phone calls triggered within the system). In case you want to read about how the phone based interviews are triggered go to this article.
The Call Logs Export also gives you a full summary of who triggered the calls - i.e. if the call was triggered by candidate (indicated by the source of the trigger, e.g. Email or SMS) or a recruiter (example - triggered from Chat UI). Furthermore, the call logs also include a candidate ID column, Campaign Name (where the candidate exists), a call duration column (measured in minutes) and the subsequent costs (measured in USD)

Select Date Range for call logs

See Sample Export here

Interview Statistics

The second part is the interview statistics section, which shows total count of Completed Interviews for each month (over the last 6 month period). This bar chart also shows how many interviews were completed through each Interview Method: Messenger, Phone, SMS or Landing Page (you can read more here about various interview methods)

SMS Statistics

The next section is the SMS Statistics which shows what how many SMS messages were sent out - indicated per month over the last 6-month period. Additionally, this bar chart also indicates how many SMS messages were sent out for each type of message. There are various message types in Talkpush - some are pre-templated and automatically triggered (e.g. Invitation SMS, Shortlisted SMS, etc.) while some are custom written and sent by recruiters (e.g. Custom Messages). 

Audio Recording Statistics

Last section is the audio recording statistics, which displays the total duration (in minutes) of audio recorded interviews (i.e. interviews conducted over the automated phone calls). You can also filter the total phone-based audio recording minutes per campaign.

Keeping a regular check on this dashboard allows you to keep your variable costs controlled. Of course not to worry, if you are going to exceed your approved quota, your Customer Success Manager will surely give you an update. 

In case you want to increase your usage quota or purchase add on volume packs, please let us know!


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