The Talkpush Analytics dashboard allows you to get an overall view of your data. There are a bunch of different reporting elements in this dashboard and we will cover each of those sections in this article below

Getting to the Analytics Dashboard

Navigating to the Analytics dashboard is very easy. Just log in to your account, and click Analytics on the upper left part of the screen.

Date Selection and Export Buttons

Once you are there, you will see some buttons and charts. The top section has a Date Picker and couple of Export buttons. 

Date Picker: You can adjust the time frame (select start and end date here) of the statistics and you’ll be able to refresh the data. All of your charts (except for the Chatbot Subscribers chart) will refresh according to the date range you just selected. If no selection is made, the default reporting time frame is for last 2 weeks worth of data.

Export button allows you to download all the underlying numbers of the various charts displayed in Analytics section.

SMS Breakdown will let you download an Excel file containing information on the SMS usage (SMS units sent) per campaign. Note - 1 SMS unit is equivalent to 160 characters

Chatbot Subscribers: As you can see on the screenshot above, the first graph you will see is that of your Chatbot subscribers on Facebook. This chart doesn't rely on the date filters however. You will see the growth in subscriber base ever since your Facebook page was integrated with Talkpush.

Campaign Performance

Channel Overview indicates the overall campaign funnel and shows the pipeline on a daily distribution. Here you will see all the different stages of the ALL campaigns - i.e. candidates Added, Completed, Shortlisted, Rejected, On Hold, Hired, and Pending or No response across all campaigns. If you'd like to know more about these stages, please read more here

Pass & Participation Rate chart tells you many of the applied candidates are willing to complete the interview over time: Completed / Invited as well as the quality of the incoming candidates over time: Shortlisted / Completed.
So for example, you have 100 candidates who applied today, and 50 of them completed an interview, then the Participation rate will be 50% (all values in this chart are in percentages). And if from these 50 completed interviews you shortlisted 30, your Pass rate will be 60%

Interview Completion Method shows you how many interviews are being completed over what channel. Talkpush currently offers interview completion on Facebook Messenger, Phone (using IVR), SMS bot, or Landing pages. This chart shows all values in percentages.

Candidate Activity This graph shows you the average number of completed interviews at a given hour of the day or by day of the week. This insight is very useful to understand your candidates and gives you an opportunity to optimize your ads and engagement efforts.

User Performance

Processing Volume by User graph shows you how many candidates have been processed by your users The folders that are considered for this measurement are Shortlisted, Rejected and On Hold. This graph indicates who’s the most active recruiter as well as allows you to identify if any calibration is needed in the team (example - if someone is rejecting too often or shortlisting too often)

Processing time by Recruiter shows you how responsive each on of your users are. The shorter the processing time, the more responsive the user it. The recommended processing time is within 24 hours.

Processing time by campaign will show you how long it takes for the candidates to be processed by your recruiters in respect to the days by campaign. The shorter the time, the more responsive your recruiters are on the given day.

User Activity shows you the time of day or hour of the day when your recruiters are most active (measured in shortlisting/rejecting etc. actions). This is very similar to the Candidate activity that you saw above. Best candidate experience can be delivered by mapping the recruiter activity in contrast to the candidate activity. More aligned your recruiters' work timings are to the candidate activity, the faster candidate interaction can be.

Channel Performance

This sections gives you an overview of different sources that are feeding your talent database. The first chart shows a overall view of all channels integrated with Talkpush and receiving applications (active) while the second chart shows the distribution of all incoming application across different campaign stages in Talkpush. 

This is what our current automated analytics dashboard offers you. If you have any need for custom reports, we'd love to hear about your needs. Just give a shout to your Customer Success Manager.

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