The Campaign List shows the full list of campaigns that you have access to. You can also create new campaigns here and perform campaign-level actions according to your user level of permission.

To help you navigate, let us go through the campaign list and its parts.


You can switch between viewing active or archived campaigns. When a campaign is archived, it is only accessible from the campaign list, and it is important to note that all candidates inside that campaign will also be archived. You can, however, reactivate the campaign to gain access to these candidates.

To archive: Click on the "Active" button, then on three dots (#5 on the list) found on the right-most of the chosen campaign, then click on "Archive".

To reactivate: Click on the "Archive" button, then on the three dots found on the right-most of the chosen campaign, then click on "Reactivate".


You can simply type in the search bar and hit enter to find campaigns. The search results will take into consideration the campaign name, city, country, and the campaign creator's name.

Beside the search bar is the "Add Campaign" button. You may click on this button if you want to set up a campaign from scratch.

(You can head over here to learn more about adding campaigns.)
3. CAMPAIGN LIST (middle)

The campaign list shows the following information:

  • the campaign name,

  • the number of candidates in the inbox folder,

  • the number of candidates in the completed folder,

  • the number of candidates in the shortlisted folder, and

  • the configured city and country.

It also contains the Chatbot Indicator which tells whether a campaign is publicly listed in the Facebook Messenger Chatbot, while the Facebook Jobs and Google Jobs Indicator will tell you whether the job is listed on these platforms.

(To know more about activating your campaign on Facebook messenger, check out this article. You can also check this article out to activate your campaign on Facebook jobs, and click here for Google jobs.)

4. SORT (upper center)

Click on the arrow up to sort the campaign details in alphabetical order, and click on the arrow down to sort them in reverse alphabetical. Please note, however, that unassigned campaigns will remain on the top of the list then followed by the rest of the campaigns.

(Learn more about unassigned campaigns here.)

5. CAMPAIGN ACTIONS (three dots on the right-most)

After clicking on the three dots, a drop-down will appear containing additional actions that you can choose from depending on your user level of permission. Owner account users have access to all campaign actions. Manager account users can also access all campaign actions but only for campaigns that they have created. Meanwhile, limited manager account users can only export data.

Here is a screenshot of all of the campaign actions.

(You can learn more about setting up the team and their access levels here.)

6. INTERCOM (bottom right)

This is your helpline. Any time you need us, just type in a message. The Product Support Team is continuously monitoring this communication channel and will be there to help you immediately.

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