Integrating the Facebook Lead ads is made possible by the Talkpush Facebook chatbot app which uses a "manage_pages" permission to access the lead ad sign ups from the company's Facebook page. In order to learn more about how the Talkpush Facebook integration works, please click here to access the integration documentation.

Part A: Install the Talkpush Facebook App

(a) Click on your User profile (top right corner) > go to Company Profile 

(b) Proceed to the Facebook Settings tab
(c) Click on the Facebook Log In button

(d) This prompts you to authorize the Talkpush App (with Facebook Login) and allow permissions > Click OK (if you want to install the chatbot as well, please keep both subscriptions)

(e) Once the permissions are granted you can select the Facebook Page that you need to connect to Talkpush and click Save button

(f) Once the page access has been granted (i.e. the Talkpush Facebook App is installed on your Facebook Page), you will see an Unsubscribe Button and a Notification message

Update: Effective July 1st, 2018, only Talkpush app admins can integrate the app to the Facebook page. Please work with the Customer Success Team to get the integration set up.

Part B: Adding the Lead Ad IDs to complete the integration

(a) Once the Facebook App is integrated, return to your Talkpush Campaign
(b) Now click on “Campaign Settings” 

(c) Go to the Sourcing Tab and scroll down to Lead Ads section

(d) Talkpush is now asking for an Ad ID

Step C: Create Facebook Lead Ad (if you don’t already have one)

Create an Ad Campaign and a Lead Ad connected to a Lead form that contains at least the following fields:

  • Full Name or First Name & Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Location

Once the Ad is created, it’ll have an Ad ID.

Step D: Locate the Ad ID

> To find your Ad ID, we recommend going into your Ad’s manager and clicking into your Ad

> In the Ad’s page, locate the Ad ID and copy it

Step E: Connect the Ad to Talkpush

Once you have the ID copied, head back to Talkpush, where we left off in Step B(d)

> Paste the Ad ID in the field & click on submit

> Once your Ad ID appears in the list below, your Ad has successfully integrated with

Step F: Wait for the Incoming applicants

All candidates that now applies through the Facebook Lead Ad will be invited for a Talkpush interview!

As new candidates sign up and apply through the lead ads, their information will then be captured by the Talkpush Facebook app and transferred to Talkpush CRM, which is followed by an Invitation SMS or Email (as per the campaign settings) delivered to the candidates’ contact details asking them to complete their automated interview.

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