Company settings are accessible specifically for users with the "owner" access level.

The owner/Superuser is the Company Admin who has all the configuration authority. The superuser role can be transferred from one user to another, however at any given time, only one user can have this access level. 

I. Company Settings

Company settings can be seen on the leads screen upon logging in to Talkpush. Once the superuser gets into the company settings, multiple items need to be set up.

'📌At any time, click on the "Leads" to go back to the Home Screen.

      a. Company information such as the address and description can be updated under the company settings tab. 

💡You may also use the HTML editor to add rich media content in the description.

      b. Next, set up the color scheme which will be applied in your Job landing pages and Career Site.

      c. During the application process, applicants are required to opt into Talkpush's privacy policy, which clarifies that Talkpush gives the employer access to the personally identifiable data of the applicant, as part of the GDPR compliance process.

Nevertheless, should your internal processes require you to receive a separate opt-in confirmation for your own company privacy policy, you may upload the URL to your privacy policy in the company settings. 

      d. SMS Opt-out will append this message "Reply STOP or click [ link ] to unsubscribe from our database" to all SMS when enabled.

  e. SMS Usage Limit - Clients are now able to configure a hard stop for their SMS usage.

  • On the SMS limit field, the Owner should see the default value of 0 (no limit).

  • Owner should be able to enter the following values: Min - 1, Max - 3,000,000.

  • Owner can select Monthly or Annually.

  • Monthly - SMS cap applies per month, and refreshes at 12:00 am on the first day of next month.

  • Annual - SMS cap applies on a calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31).

  • When the limit is reached, Talkpush will stop sending SMS messages.

Don't forget to click on 'Save'.

II. Team 

A quick overview of what can each role do is available in the Team panel. 

A list of company users can also be seen in this panel. The first column shows the list of user emails, followed by the account state which you can toggle from activating to deactivate and vice versa. Next to it is where you can select the access level for each user (Owner, Manager, Limited Manager, Manager with Analytics Access) and click on "change role" to save your changes. Lastly, users can also be deleted from this screen. (Learn more about adding users here)

Clicking on "add user" will prompt you to enter a few details of the new user. Upon saving the details, the new user will receive an email invite. Please read how the new user needs to set up his/her account here.

III. Facebook Settings

This is where Facebook Messenger chatbot is installed. In order to install the chatbot on the Company's Facebook page, the superuser login is mirrored by a Talkpush Admin (also the admin of the chatbot application). 

The Talkpush Admin will then log in to Facebook (using the Log In to Facebook button) and complete the integration. Click here to learn how to link Facebook pages to CRM.

Pre-requisite: Talkpush admin user will request Administrative access to your Facebook page, which needs to be authorized prior to this integration step.

Once the page access has been granted (i.e. the Talkpush Facebook App is installed on your Facebook Page), you will see an Unsubscribe Button across the connected FB page.

IV. Recruitment Center

This is the section where you set up the recruitment centers and subsequent footfall capacity for each center so that Talkpush can automatically schedule candidates for their onsite interviews. The Recruitment Center tab allows you to specify hourly interview slots (depending upon floor space, interview rooms, personnel, etc.) and you can also turn off fixed days where you don't have recruitment operations. Each slot is equivalent to one candidate interview.

V. Communication Settings

Quick replies, Labels, Shortlist, and Reject reasons can all be managed right inside this panel. 

VI. Export

Superusers can generate the data related to candidates and SMS breakdown on this panel. You can specify the date range in the export section and trigger the request. The export will then be generated by Talkpush and sent over to your registered email address (as shown on the notification)

Folder Settings

Add, edit, or remove folders from your company account in the folder settings panel.

That's all the settings you can configure in this section.

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