The main screen which you reach when you log in is the Unified Inbox. This is the integrated view of ALL Candidates across ALL campaigns and allows you to review candidates and communicate with them real time. There are several elements in this screen and the article below will cover each of those in detail

The screenshot above shows you the Unified Inbox - this means its a collective summary of all candidates across campaigns you have access to. In order to look at candidates from a specific campaign, you have to click the Search Box and select the campaign you want to view. To view all your "Assigned Leads" you can click on the "My Leads" button.

Once you start typing the campaign name you will be presented with search results to select or you can scroll through the list of campaigns, and pick the one you want to dive into. To go back to seeing all Campaigns, just click "All Campaigns".

SEARCH in Talkpush is really powerful. You can search for any number of things from candidate name, phone number, email, candidate ID, location information or other information that candidates have in their resume or profile.

This also allows recruiters to filter candidates by a variety of measures. The various elements that can be defined in the filter are: Leads (candidates assigned to you), Added Date (when the application was received), Location, Source (whether candidate came from a Job Board, Facebook, Career site, etc.), Labels, Scheduled at (if and when the candidate has an appointment scheduled), Completion Method (i.e. Phone, Messenger, SMS, Landing Page) and if the candidate has any Attachments.

You can connect multiple search options to form complex searches. Simply click SPACE after adding one and select the next one. To execute the search press ENTER.


The folder structure in Talkpush is designed to mirror a standard recruitment workflow, so when a new candidate (a lead) applies to a job, he/she is added first to the INBOX FOLDER

While in Inbox, the candidates are required to complete their automated interview. This interview can be completed by any method - Facebook Messenger, Phone, SMS, or Interview Landing page (click here to read more about the completion method options). Once the automated interview questionnaire is completed, the candidate moves to the COMPLETED FOLDER

In the COMPLETED FOLDER, the candidate profile is awaiting a recruiter review. Once the recruiter reviews the application and decides to Shortlist or Reject the candidate, the candidate moves to the next stage accordingly. This movement (processing) may also happen automatically if there is a Smart Filter set up (Read more about Smart Filters in Campaign Settings)

The candidate moves to the SHORTLIST FOLDER once the recruiter clicks on Shortlist from the candidate profile. These candidates would automatically get the Shortlisted message that is set up in the Message Settings in Campaign Settings

Similar to shortlisted folder, the candidate moves to REJECTED FOLDER if the recruiter clicks on Reject candidate.

ON HOLD FOLDER is an interim folder that serves to organize candidates who may have moved beyond the shortlisted stage and the recruiters need to track them separately.

HIRED FOLDER is where the candidates are moved once they are hired. This is triggered by the recruiter at the end of the recruitment process

The tiny bubbles you see on the folder is an indicator of the number of candidates that exist in each stage.

Selecting any folder refreshes the candidate list for actual candidates in a selected folder (bubbles will update as well). You can scrolling down the list and at any point 12 candidates are shown in you can scroll through all candidates


You can add Label to a candidate by clicking the (+) button next to the candidate name in the candidate list, Talkpush also automatically labels duplicate candidates as well as candidates that have completed more than 50% of the interview (labeled as Partial >50%). Additionally, candidates that have tried the interview will be labeled with Attempted.

Pro tipp: By clicking on a label on a candidate you automatically filter the candidates inside that folder that have the same label.


The central console is the CHAT PANEL. Here you see the conversation with the candidate as well as continue to talk to the candidate over a variety of messaging channels. 

The grey messages contain either Text, Audio or Video messages of the candidate. Beneath it you may see the channel it came through (‘f’ here indicating Facebook) and the time it was sent at.

The green messages are either the Chatbot’s responses (indicated by robot image) or recruiter's messages (indicated by a human avatar or the user's saved photo).

At this stage, you may type in your message to the candidate and even include emojis and attach files.

By clicking the tiny expand/collapse icon, a menu will pop up with existing list of QUICK REPLIES to choose from and the option to create a new Quick Reply Template. Recently used Quick Replies also show up below the message box.

Quick Replies make use of our token system, by using tokens you will not need to manually personalize each & every message. e.g. <%= @candidate_name %> will automatically be replaced with the candidates' first name (for every candidate the message is sent to). Read more on Tokens here.

Select over which channel you would like to send the message. SMS, Facebook, Email and WhatsApp.

(5) Actions
Actions are a list of pre-set triggers that you can initiate for any candidate (depending upon the stage of the candidate's application. For e.g. you can trigger a live call or assign the candidate to a recruiter or move the candidate to a different campaign from here.


The candidate profile section is where you review the overall detail of the candidate, his/her responses, processing activities like shortlist/reject, etc.


The four buttons to the right of the candidate’s image are used to move the candidate into different folders throughout the recruitment process. You may move a candidate to the Shortlist, Rejected, On Hold or Hired folders


The buttons on this area gives the user options to edit the profile or generate a link that you can send and therefore share the candidates profile with other decision stakeholders. The recipient does not need to have a Talkpush account. Once the link is generated you may adjust which information you’d like it to include by clicking on Generate Links on the top right


The candidate's basic and contact information as well as the campaign he/she is in. With the unique candidate ID you may find a candidate in the search bar. Also, please use this ID whenever you have a question or witness an issue regarding the software. Source will tell you through which channel this candidate was added to the campaign. Added & Completed will show the dates of when the candidate was added to the campaign and when he/she completed the interview (in this example both were on the 27th of march.

The user may also add notes, comments and other information on the candidate on this section.


View and revise the candidate’s responses, in the given format(text, audio or video) along with the question text and the transcribed response (if audio).

This section shows you multiple application profiles of the candidate in the event that he or she has applied to different job postings

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