Tracking URLs allow you to add custom parameters to either the Facebook Messenger URLs or Talkpush Landing Page URLs so that you can track where your candidates saw & clicked that link. For e.g. you may be using these URLs on different advertising platforms (e.g. Google ads, Facebook traffic ads, etc). In such cases, you can add the custom parameters to the end of the URL that will allow you to identify which of these sources the candidate began their application in, thereby allowing you to assess the performance of each advertising source). The custom data included in the URL will automatically update the SOURCE field in the Talkpush candidate profile (provided you are including the SOURCE parameter) as well as any additional identifiers you wish to include.

How to create the Tracking URL (for Facebook Messenger links)

First, you will need to extract the URL for your FB Messenger chatbot. You will find these URLs in the Campaign Settings > Sourcing Tab. Please note that each campaign has a different URL, so you should select the one for the campaign you are planning to send the candidates to. 

These URLs will have the following format: https// (this is the shortened URL for Facebook Messenger) followed by “xxxxxxxxxxxx” (this is the page ID of the Facebook page, where your bot resides), followed by “?ref=apply_for_position(xxx)” (this is the payload for the chatbot to understand which campaign the candidate needs to be created in). [the xxxxx will actually be numeric values as per your bot]

Now, to create the tracking URLs, you must add the custom parameters in the last section (the one that has “ref”). These custom parameters must be specified with the parameter name and the value you want to import into Talkpush. Given that we are editing a URL here we can't edit it like regular text but need to use special keys for sign such as { or ". You can use the following templateIt will end up like this:

  •<facebookpage id>?ref=%7B%22source%22%3A%22<source_name>%22%2C%22postback%22%3A%22apply_for_position%28<campaign_id>%29%22%7D

<campaign_id> would be where you place the campaign ID without the <>
<source_name> would be where you place the source name
the source name cannot include a space, instead it needs to be replaced with a "%20" so "hiring event" would become "hiring%20event".

Original Facebook URL:

New Facebook URL with Tracking:<facebookpage id>?ref=%7B%22source%22%3A%22<source_name>%22%2C%22postback%22%3A%22apply_for_position%28<campaign_id>%29%22%7D


Create Tracking URL for Landing Page Links

Similar to the Messenger Links, the Talkpush Landing Page link is also visible on the Campaign Settings section > Sourcing tab.

This standard URL, shortened to, when viewed will open up the Landing page containing the Job Description with an Apply button. Once the Apply button is clicked the candidates are then taken to the Data Collection & Interview form like its shown below.

The job landing page

The Interview landing page

In order to track a custom source in the URL we can generate a specific URL for that purpose, by typing a source inside the Track a custom source section and then updating the URL. This will generate a new URL which when used to bring a lead to the landing page and leading to interview completion will track the custom source value on the lead's profile. This lets you create multiple URLs to the same landing page tracking different sources, e.g. for different hiring events.

 This URL is just generated once and if you refresh the page the default URL will be displayed again.

You can adjust the landing page to redirect to another site (e.g. your company website)... 

  • Simply type in a URL to which you'd like to redirect and the number of seconds you want the Landing Page to wait until it redirects after the candidate completed the interview. 

... or reload itself (very useful as a sign up form for an offsite event). 

  • Simply type in the number of seconds after which the landing page should reload itself after the candidate completed the interview and leave the URL field empty.
    When it reloads, the landing page will show the beginning of the flow again, the job description.

That's it! Once the candidates click these URLs they will reach the same messenger bot or the landing page and interact with the bot normally, but their candidate profiles in Talkpush will be updated as follows:

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