New Users in Talkpush CRM can be added either by the owner level user (i.e. Company Admin) or Talkpush Customer Success team. Please note that adding new users may be dependent on your subscription limits and user quotas. 

Owner's side of the story

Adding the New Users is simple. Owner users will need to go to Company Settings > Team and just click on New Manager Account. This opens up a pop up form - which asks for First Name, Last Name, Email (this is minimum info), followed by Job Title, Phone Number, and Skype ID (additional info)

Click on "New Manager Account" to add a new user to your company account

Next, determine the permission type your new user has -- Owner, Manager or Limited Manager. Owners typically have access to view and edit everything on your account, even campaigns created by other users, while Managers and Limited Managers can view campaigns that they create and need to be given access to other campaigns. Limited Manager user accounts also have less available actions on the candidate profiles.

Once this is done, a new user will be created in your Talkpush account and an email invite will be sent to the user to activate his/her account.

Important Note - Once you have created the new user, you will also need to grant the user access to the required campaigns (else the new user will not be able to view any existing campaigns). This needs to be done from Campaign Settings section of respective campaigns.

For the New User

As soon as the superuser created the new user, the employee will get an email from (Talkpush Client Services). If they don't get this email immediately, please make sure to check the spam folder.
Email Sender - Talkpush Client Services <>
Email Subject - Confirmation Instructions

Once the new user has received the email, they'll need to click the button to Confirm Your Account. This takes them to the Setup Password* section, after which the account can be activated.
*Passwords need to have at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 special character and 1 number

That's it! The new user's account has been set up and is now ready to interact with candidates. Happy Recruiting.

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