Talkpush Facebook integration allows you to connect your Facebook Lead Ads directly to its incoming candidate flow. To find out how this can be done, read along. If you just want to integrate the lead ads, then instructions await you here

How Talkpush gets the leads data from Facebook Lead Ads

Talkpush App Installation

Talkpush App uses webhook notifications from Facebook Page to receive leads generated through advertising in real time. The Webhook notification is applicable if the Facebook Page has installed the app, and if the Facebook Page has not disabled the App platform in its App Settings. Talkpush app will send a POST request to the Facebook Page during the app installation, & to be added to the Page's subscribed_apps edge by using Page's access token.


The Talkpush app uses the Page's access token with the following permissions:

            manage_pages (used by Lead Ads as well as in case of chatbot)

Please note that this permission doesn’t allow Talkpush app to publish to your Facebook Page. Apps need both manage_pages and publish_pages to be able to publish content as a Page.

Talkpush App uses leadgen_id to retrieve data associated with the lead:

curl -X GET \
 -d 'access_token=' \{lead-id}/

The response (data received from lead ad):

 "created_time": "2018-01-01T01:01:01+0000",
 "id": "",
 "ad_id": "",
 "form_id": "",
 "field_data": [{
   "name": "car_make",
   "values": [
 "name": "full_name",
 "values": [
    "Joe Example"
  "name": "email",
  "values": [

Subscribing app to leadgen events

To receive API updates in real time, Talkpush Webhook subscribes to the leadgen event within manage_pages permission. Talkpush callback URL then responds with HTTP GET requests, using an app access token

curl \
-F "object=page" \
-F "callback_url=" \
-F "fields=leadgen" \
-F "verify_token=" \
-F "access_token=" \

Understanding the functional relationship between Talkpush and Facebook Lead Ads

Here's how it works: As a Talkpush user, your company account is entitled to be integrated with 1 Facebook page. Once you link you Facebook Page & your Talkpush account, you are effectively allowing the Talkpush Facebook App to be notified of the leads generated in your Facebook Page. You can link all your Facebook Lead Ads (from your Ads Manager), and simply distinguish the Lead Ads’ IDs in your Campaigns in Talkpush so Talkpush can appropriately organize your leads into the CRM.

In order for Talkpush to add the lead in the CRM, the minimum required data (to be collected in Lead Ad Form) is NAME, PHONE NUMBER and/or EMAIL

Please proceed to Facebook Lead Ad Integration instructions to integrate your lead ads.

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