The Talkpush automated interview process allows candidates to answer a few quick questions that are set up by the recruiters according to the role they are hiring for. These questions can be answered by engaging with the FB Messenger Chatbot, submitting responses on interview landing page, over an automated phone call or via SMS chatbot. And the best part - these automated interviews can be triggered by (a) the recruiters OR (b) the candidates themselves

Initial Interview Instructions:

In an ideal setting, the recruiter will set up these instructions in the initial interaction message that the candidate gets when he/she applies to a job at the company. Depending on the source of the application (i.e. whether the application was submitted on a Job Board, Company Careers page, Facebook page, etc.) the candidate will either receive an SMS, an email or simply converse with the chatbot on Facebook Messenger. This is fully automatic, and the once set up, on all future applications, candidates will conveniently receive the instructions > trigger their interview > submit their responses -- all without the intervention of the recruiter.

Interview Instructions as set up by recruiter can be done for:

  • Invitation SMS 

  • Invitation Email

  • Chatbot prompts (Facebook messenger):

Custom Messages with Interview Instructions:

Sometimes however, a recruiter intervention is needed. This is when the candidate is not very engaged and haven’t completed the automated interview. In such cases, the recruiter can manually nudge/remind the candidates to complete their interview. This manual intervention requires the recruiter to send a custom SMS or email with similar instructions. Ofcourse, sending the message is quite easy with mass actions. 

Interviewing over FB Messenger

Candidate initiated: When a candidate goes to Facebook they can send a PM to the Facebook page (i.e. click the Get Started button) and begin conversing with the bot directly. The bot will then take the candidate through the job application process and ask the interview questions. 

Recruiter Initiated (through interview instructions): If the candidate is added to the Talkpush campaign from any application source, the candidate can be instructed to complete their interview over Facebook Messenger. To direct candidates to FB Messenger chatbot interview, simply insert the messenger interview link token. In the messaging panel OR in the invitation message panel, just right click to show a list of tokens. Select Messenger Interview Link and it will produce a generic token, <%= @messenger_interview_link %>, that is linked to your campaign.

In this case, the candidates will receive a messenger URL like the example below and triggers the interview once they click the link.

Interviewing over Landing Page:

Candidate Initiated: Every job interview campaign in Talkpush gets a dedicated landing page URL which can be utilized to publish the Job on any online property of the client (e.g. career site, social media ads, job boards, etc.). These landing pages look like a simple web form for candidates to fill out their details and responses to the questionnaire. 

This link when opened will show the following page with the job description & subsequently the web form. Candidates have both options to submit audio responses as well as text-based responses for the questionnaire.

Recruiter initiated (through interview instructions): To direct candidates to complete their interview via the landing page, simply right click in the messaging panel OR in the invitation message panel, to show a list of tokens and select the Interview Page URL and it will produce a generic token, <%= @interview_page_url %> , and the link generated is unique for each candidate and will take them directly to the interview section of the landing page.

The landing page is a mobile responsive web page which allows candidates to even complete their interviews on their phones or alternatively on their desktop

Interviewing over Automated Phone Call (IVR):

Setup through interview instructions: Candidates also have the option to do their pre-screening interviews over the phone. This is an IVR phone call which plays back the interview questions and records the candidate’s “voice” responses to those questions. To offer the candidate this option, right click in the messaging panel OR in the invitation message panel to show the list of tokens. Select Webdialout Skip Confirmation and it will produce a generic token, <%= @webdialout_skip_confirmation %>. When the candidate clicks the link, it triggers the IVR phone call immediately.

Automatic setup: IVR Phone interviews can also be set up for automatic trigger. Once the candidate applies to a job (for example in a Job Board, or in the company career site, etc.), Talkpush upon receipt of candidate’s application, can automatically start the IVR phone call. This can be set up in the campaign settings, by enabling “Autocall”

There you have it! Omnichannel recruitment to engage candidates in several mediums.

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