Every user in Talkpush has a profile section that can be updated to allow for a more personalized interactivity with candidates. The My Account panel lets you edit your profile data according to your preference.

To do this, first let's access the User Menu (top right corner, where your profile is displayed). Now click on My Account.

After this, you will be redirected to the User Settings screen. Here you can update all your personal / contact details in the following categories:

  1. Profile photo

  2. Name

  3. Email

  4. Phone number

  5. Job Title

  6. Skype ID

You can also update your Account Password, Language and Timezone from this screen. In fact, selecting another language allows the entire interface of the software to be displayed in that language for your user account. Currently 5 languages are supported in Talkpush - English, Spanish, French, Hebrew and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

As you update the contact fields in this screen, it automatically generates an email signature. This signature can be utilized in the email templates by using the signature token <% = @signature %> and each email sent to the candidate will be personalized by the recruiter who processed the candidate. 

This allows for a more personal connection to build between the recruiter and the candidate. The candidate also has the contact details of the recruiter in case needed for follow ups.

You can also copy the signature to your own email client, if you like the signature format! 

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