Often there are instances, where you may involve Talkpush to help run your Facebook advertising initiatives or to recommend best practices on your existing ads. In order to do so, Talkpush will need to have access to your Ads Manager account. The best way to achieve this is to simply connect Talkpush Business Manager to your own. 

Here are the instructions on how to add Talkpush Business Manager to your own Business Manager account as a partner

Note - Your company must have its own business manager account already set up & these actions can only be done by an admin user. If you aren't on Business Manager yet business.facebook.com (or don't have admin privileges) this won't work.

Step 1 - Go to  business.facebook.com & login to your account

Step 2 - Once inside, please go to Business Settings (top right corner)

Step 3 - Once inside the Business Settings, please navigate to "USERS" section and click on "PARTNERS" tab. This will open up the PARTNERS window and you will see an ADD button there. 

Step 4 - To Add Talkpush as a new Partner, please enter Talkpush's Facebook Business ID. You can copy it from here - 199476273751158

Step 5 - Once Talkpush is added as a Business partner, you will be able to assign resources - like pages and ad accounts. Please go to the right side screen and select PAGES section first and click on ASSIGN ASSETS

Step 6 - This will allow you to select your pages & ad accounts to Talkpush. When doing so please make sure to assign Talkpush as an Admin partner.

That's it! You've successfully provided access to Talkpush to view/access your Ad Account.

If you have any issues with the granting the access, please let us know.

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