Talkpush is happy to announce the newest automated “Onsite” Interview Scheduler we’ve just recently released! 

What does it do?

This new feature automates scheduling candidates based on the availability of the recruiters. How it works is, recruiters will set up the number of slots ( candidates) they can accommodate hourly per site (i.e. recruitment center), and candidates would only be able to choose a schedule with open slots. As more candidates select their preferred time window, the slots get filled up dynamically. Once all the slots are full for a certain day/time window,future candidates will not be able to select that option, instead the candidate will have to select the next available day/time window (thereby avoiding overbooking).

With this, the recruiters can focus on the actual interview without worrying how many candidates are to be scheduled, how many would still show up, etc. On the candidate side, this reduces the waiting time as they already have a schedule even before coming onsite as opposed to going onsite and then waiting for a schedule.

How do I set it up?

  1. First, log in to your Talkpush  account, then click on Company Settings located at the top of the screen.

2. Go to the Recruitment Center tab, and click ‘Add Recruitment Center’ to add the recruitment sites.

3. Add the details of your recruitment center, and then click Submit.

4. Once you’ve added the recruitment sites, you will be directed to a dashboard with your site list. Click ‘Week List’ to set up the number of slots for each site.

5. To set up the slots for the current week, click ‘Allocate slots for this week’. You may also click ‘Edit’ to set up the coming weeks

6. Type in the number of interview slots available per hour. You may put in 0 for hours the center is still closed. You may also either enable or disable all the slots for the day. Click Save.

Now how do I use it?

  1.  When you’re done setting up the slot allocations, go to the campaign where candidates would need to be scheduled before they walk in. Click ‘Campaign Settings’ and click the recruitment center applicable (Please note that you can choose one recruitment center for multiple campaigns if the job position is just for one site. The availabl slots for that center will be shared by the candidates from different campaigns).

2. For the scheduler to work, you need to send your candidates a link directing them to the scheduler url. 

In order to do this, you need to include the scheduler token -- <%= @scheduler_url %> -- in the automatic messages the candidates receive when they walk in (completion message or shortlist message), or in a custom message. This token is available for Msessenger, SMS and e-mail notification.

3. Once the message gets sent to candidates, the token will generate a link that the candidates need to click to be directed to the scheduler. In this page, the candidates will be able to select a day of their preference, and then choose a time slot based on the available slots you’ve set for the hour.

In this page, the candidates will be able to select a day of their preference, and then choose a time slot based on the available slots you’ve set for the hour. If all the slots for a certain hour has been filled, the candidate will not be able to select that hour.

An automatic reminder will be sent to them a day before their scheduled interview, and another reminder at 8 AM of the schedule.

With scheduled candidates as one of the KPIs in recruitment, this feature will allow recruiters to maximize their time by getting candidate confirmations without intervention, and then focusing their time on chasing candidates who haven’t confirmed their schedule. 

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