March 5th to April 30th, 2020

Updates CRM

  • Listing jobs on Facebook Jobs is way simpler: To list a campaign on Facebook Jobs from the CRM, you would have to go to the Sourcing tab and toggle Facebook Jobs listing to ON every time you create a new campaign. Now, this toggle is set to ON by default so any new job campaign you create will be automatically submitted to Facebook Jobs. If you don’t want this setting, don’t worry. You can ask your Customer Success Manager to turn this off for you. Turning off this setting would mean going back to manually listing only the jobs you want to be seen on Facebook Jobs.
  • New Facebook Jobs listing statuses: We’ve updated the Facebook Jobs listing statuses to reflect the actual stages of the listing status in real time, instead of a simple “ON” or “OFF” status. From Pending to Approved, you will see the progression of your listing within the Facebook Jobs review period, taking out the guessing game about what’s happening with your listing. If something goes wrong with your listing, you can quickly and easily see what needs to be done with the tool tip beside each status so you can always take control. Learn more
  • Adding candidates is more robust and intuitive: Adding new candidates via CV upload, importing a CSV file or by manually typing in the candidate’s details has never been simpler. The wizard style enables you to focus on each step. To ensure you’re only uploading new candidates, you will be notified if a candidate you’re trying to add already exists. We’ll check the candidate profile information as well to ensure you’re adding valid data, which might cause problems in sending emails or SMS later. If there is a problem with a candidate’s data, you can easily edit the information on the table itself before saving. Learn more
  • Cleaner data in candidates’ “Other Information”: Since we introduced the Candidate Attributes feature which allows you to create your own company-wide data values, we’ve updated the “Other Information” section in the candidate profile so that you can simply select from the data values whenever you need to add more information about a candidate. Let’s say you interviewed a candidate over the phone, and wanted to record their interview answers on the CRM. You can simply add new information by selecting a data (ex. Work Experience, Education, Languages Spoken) and then type the response. Instead of an unsystematic, arbitrary and casual adding of information, each data in the Other Information section can now be used to filter candidates and for data reporting. With the new UI, you can even add paragraphs.
  • Same day scheduling of interview: You can now shortlist a candidate and schedule an interview on the same day. Learn more
  • Search is translated to Spanish: For Spanish speaking clients, the search dropdown is now in Spanish.
  • Filter candidates based on their last interaction time: You can now filter candidates based on their last interaction time with the Messenger bot. You can filter candidates whose interaction time is within the last 24 hours, so you know who you can still reach out to according to the updated Facebook Messenger policy.
  • Move candidates in progress: When you move candidates to another folder, you can now see the progress while the CRM performs the task in the background.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where events are happening in the wrong sequence
  • Fix an issue where candidates with multiple applications may receive the same message multiple times
  • Fix an issue where multiple Unassigned campaigns are created for each time the Facebook Page is re-subscribed to the CRM

Updates Chatbot

  • Send custom messages after 24 hours: The updated Facebook Messenger policy restricted sending messages to candidates if they didn’t speak with the bot in the past 24 hours. Now you can still send messages to these candidates as long as the content is personal, time sensitive and application update related.
  • Timed chasing messages: We’ve set up automated chasing messages for candidates who didn’t finish their interview so you don’t have to. Learn more
  • Updated applicant rating and feedback: Now candidates can rate their chatbot experience using star ratings. To gather feedback for improvement, candidates can select a category where they had a negative experience. The new rating and feedback system will give us faster data and enable us to report them to clients sooner.


January 2nd to March 4th, 2020

Updates CRM

  • First Name Token: Most SMS carriers have a 160-character limit on each SMS. Now you can send short and friendly SMS messages by using the candidate’s first name only.
  • Create custom Source URL: Now you can track candidates’ Source immediately as soon as they chat with the bot even when they didn’t click on a job listing or job ad. To do this, you need to simply go to Company Settings > Facebook Settings, select the Facebook Page you want to take candidates to, enter a Source name and click Create URL. Once the URL is created, just copy the URL and use it to take candidates to the Messenger bot.
  • Select a role before adding a user: Previously, any new user added to your team is a Manager. You can then change their role after being added. Now you can select the role before adding the user.
  • Job Listing Page: We’ve updated the job listing page to look more user friendly. You can brand your company’s job listing page by adding your own logo, header color, background color, and even a banner to make the job listing page truly your own.
  • Analytics in Spanish: Analytics is now in Spanish for Spanish-speaking clients

Updates Chatbot

  • Reduce steps in WhatsApp bot to start interview: When a candidate applies through WhatsApp and selects a job, the candidate used to receive an automated invitation message that prompts them to perform an action before proceeding to interview questions. Now we’ve removed that extra step of receiving an invitation message, so candidates can go straight to interview questions after selecting a job. This allows them to complete the application process faster.
  • Fallback Message when candidate types an answer instead of selecting a multiple-choice option: In the interview questions, candidates sometimes type their answer instead of picking from the multiple-choice options provided. Since the bot is expecting a multiple-choice response, the bot throws an “I don’t understand” answer which is frustrating for candidates. Now the bot can sense textual answers and display the proper validation message to prompt the user to only select from and respond with the given choices.


November 4th to December 6th, 2019
Updates CRM

  • Manual Scheduling via the Recruitment Center: On the candidate profile you can now see a "schedule button" to manually trigger the Recruitment Center scheduling
  • Candidate & Application ID: For every lead you can now see the Application ID specific to that application as well as the Candidate ID, which is shared across multiple applications by the same candidate.

Updates Chatbot

  • Advanced job search for Messenger bot: Bot can filter jobs by state, city, brand, and store (built for retail, enterprise clients like Walmart).  
  • Standard 2.0 bot is out! Clients on free Stanley plan can pick a bot name, customize bot responses, and enjoy a more intuitive, conversational bot that allows candidates to edit their basic information, and go back to where they left off if they get lost. Click here to find out more:

Updates Analytics 

  • All metrics that were previously available on our standard PowerBI report can now be found inside the embedded analytics dashboard to CRM dashboard (Funnel, productivity, processing time, etc) 

October 5th to November 4th, 2019
Updates CRM

  • Recruiter Calendar Integration: Connect your calendar to Talkpush and let leads select slots directly from your available times
  • Unassigned Campaign: Engage all candidates that spoke to your Facebook Page but didn't select a campaign to apply for in the Chatbot flow

Updates Chatbot

  • You can now change your bot name, avatar, and responses to candidate FAQs in our new release for Stanley Bot on Messenger + WhatsApp
  • Improved bot response times following Talkpush’s Dialogflow V2 API Update!
  • Candidates who send messages of more than 256 characters don’t get a response from the bot. This is fixed, so the candidate knows to type in a shorter phrase.

Updates Analytics

  • The embedded analytics dashboard now features Recruiter Productivity and Message analytics!

September 12th, 2019 to October 4th, 2019:

Updates CRM

  • Landing page URL History: view all the previously created URLs for a given landing page
  • Search using NOT: Find leads that do not have a specific data point value pair by using not infront of the search query e.g. "NOT education:(masters)"


  • Embedded Analytics Dashboard accessible to all Owner user accounts under the CRM's Analytics tab

August 1st, 2019 to September 11th, 2019

  • Messaging API: You can now send messages via our API, check out the details in our API documentation
  • The campaign settings now feature the CRM v3 design
  • The Search on the Leads screen now allows for more complex search queries, you learn more about it in our help center
  • Incoming messages from candidates to recruiters/users now appear at the top of the candidate list and are easily visible, helping you reply to your leads even faster
  • You can now edit the URL of the landing page in order to track a custom source, make it reload itself after a set delay or redirect to another website after the delay

Updates Chatbot

  • Cooler web bots powered by Landbot and Talkpush - you can check out how this looks like on (say hello to Stanley on web)
  • Campaign Visibility Settings in Sourcing tab: read all about it here 

Updates Analytics:

  • Embedded dashboard in CRM, accessible to Owners of accounts on the 'Analytics' tab
  • Campaign type filter in internal/ external PowerBI report (Inquiry campaigns, Onboarding campaigns, etc.)

Chatbot Bug Fixes

  • Whatsapp bot was skipping certain questions due to a fix that was sending messages to Dialogflow twice. This has been fixed.
  • The career site bot previously allowed the sending of empty messages. This has been fixed.
  • Stanley bot in Spanish was getting stuck in the job selection stage. This has been fixed.

May 31st, 2019 to July 31st, 2019
Updates CRM

  • The new campaign list is here! Searching, sorting and archiving of campaigns is now available on the campaign list, as well as easier access to the campaign settings.
  • See all the leads that you still need to get back to by using the new Pending Reply filter. This will show you leads that you've spoken to and which have replied to you.
  • You can now require candidates to opt-into your own company privacy policy as well as Talkpush's privacy policy by adding the URL to your privacy policy in the Company settings.
  • We introduced the workspace subdomains, you can now access your own Talkpush workspace using the <your workspace name> URL.
  • The Other Applications section on the candidate profile now shows the source of every other application and clicking on the other application takes you to that profile.
  • More transparency through more events in the chat history now! See when a candidate was called, when a label was added and more actions, as well as who performed them in chronological order right in the chat history.

April 5th, 2019 to May 31st, 2019
Updates CRM

  • Text or Audio response question type: Let candidates on the Facebook Messenger or Interview Landing Page choose whether they want to submit a text or an audio response to a question.
  • The Other Information section on the candidate profile is now sorted alphabetically.

February 28th, 2019 to April 5th, 2019

Updates CRM

  • The Custom Folders are here! - You can now create your own folders inside the CRM to make Talkpush match your recruitment process
  • Talkpush Jobs can now appear directly in the Google Search results, if you filled out all the data and enabled  it in the sourcing settings of your campaign!
  • We’ve made an important step towards supporting multiple countries inside the same account by now supporting multiple phone lines for multiple countries inside the CRM. Get in touch with your POC at Talkpush to learn more about it
  • The campaign list now displays 100 campaigns and is ordered alphabetically

Updates Chatbot

  • Candidates will be able to skip the Terms and Conditions privacy policy if they’ve already opted in. Similarly, returning applicants can directly skip the prescreening questions and jump to the interview stage.
  • Candidates can update their basic information (email and phone number) via the chatbot. This is to ensure compliance to General Data Protection Regulations.
  • Conversational design analytics are now available for Whatsapp and Career site chatbots!
  • You can now set different languages per campaign. This language setting will determine the content on the landing page, and keep the country setting separate. (i.e. no more instances of Costa Rica (es) vs. Costa Rica being displayed on the chatbot.)

Updates Recruitment Analytics

  • Adjusted reports to local client-specific timezones
  • Added filter for source categories and specific sources
  • Applications by campaign in external client report
  • Labels/ applicant feedback in external client report (Last tabs)
  • Number of messages in internal and external report shows number of SMS units instead of grouped SMS messages

January 26th, 2019 to February 27th, 2019
Updates CRM

  • Shortlist / Reject Reasons: Keep track of why you're team shortlist and/or rejects candidates. Find out how it works
  • Permission settings: Company accounts may now have multiple Owner type users as well as the newly introduced Limited Manager which is cannot edit the campaign settings nor the labels. For more details you may find all the permissions in the Team settings tab of your company settings
  • Company Privacy Policy: In the company settings you can now upload your company's privacy policy in order to have applicants opt-into it (as well as the Talkpush privacy policy) during the process. More on it here
  • SMS opt-out: In the company settings you can now activate the SMS opt-out, reminding applicants on every message that they can opt-out of receiving more messages by replying "STOP"
  • When using the data points in the question creation process together with multiple choice questions, the response by the candidate will now be automatically saved to the candidate profile as "Data point name: Multiple Choice Response"
  • We have our own URL shortener now: 

Updates Chatbot

  • You can now search for jobs on the chatbot at a country and city level, and get personalized job search recommendations
  • A new pre-onboarding bot module is now available for Messenger bots!
  • Entries under “Other information” were getting saved twice for returning applicants in the CRM even though the category names were the same. This has been fixed.
  • Certain messages were taking too long to get delivered on Messenger bots (i.e. timed questions to rate your experience). This has now been fixed.

Updates Mobile

  • Introduced sliders to the app to give first time users a brief overview of what the app can do
  • Your sessions now automatically remain logged in on the phone so you don't have to log in every time you open the app
  • The mobile app now supports all instances of Talkpush around the globe
  • Bug fixes, UI and UX improvements

Updates Recruitment Analytics

  • Report that clients log into directly with their own credentials (Report: "Talkpush Analytics")
  • New report (Report: "Message transcript analysis") 
  • Added Search how many messages with a certain word or phrase are occurring. 
  • Added a Source/ Interview method matrix (Report: "Client reporting 2.0/ Source/interview method matrix")
  • Table with candidate sources/ interview methods in total numbers and percentage. (Report: "Client reporting 2.0/ Message volumes")
  • Increased message volume accuracy. The report now excludes messages that are logged internally but were not actually sent to a candidate.  
  • Experimental flow chart of candidate channels: Visualizes where candidates are coming from and how (if) they complete an interview. (Report: "Client reporting 2.0/ Flow chart")
  • Candidates/ applications participating in a WhatsApp conversation:
  • Candidates might be CSV-uploaded and finish the interview on landing page so they won't show up with source or interview method = "WhatsApp". In order to accommodate for that, the report now shows how many 'Application IDs' show up in individual conversations that have at least one WhatsApp message. (Report: “Product metrics 2.0/ Candidates in WhatsApp conversations")

December 15th, 2018 to January 25th, 2019
Updates CRM

  • Label Management released: Create, Edit, Delete & Replace labels all from one screen
  • Multiple Owners & Limited Managers introduced
    Each account can now have more than one user with Owner permissions.
    The new Limited Manager is a more restricted version of the Manager and cannot create Campaigns, edit the Campaign Settings, Labels nor Quick Replies.
  • New required field in our campaign settings called “Campaign type”. This means you can get more accurate data depending on the type of campaign you choose (Job application / Inquiry / Single Time Engagement / Onboarding / Exit Interview).
  • Gifs now render in the chat history
  • Tweaks to the landing page copy

Updates Chatbot

  • Update to search function for Messenger chatbots: Bot introduces a list of suggested results based on where the applicant had previously searched for a more personalized application experience. Candidates can also leave their contact info for later follow up, if there are no relevant search results.
  • Career site chatbot can now process incoming inquiries for recruiters to follow up in campaigns. Inquiry details are saved in the candidate’s “Other Information” section of their profiles.
  • Whatsapp bot updates: chatbot can now handle outbound campaigns, incoming inquiries and leads, live chat takeover, and standard 20+ FAQs.
  • Edits to standard hardcoded messages in all supported languages for career site chatbots to keep the conversation moving forward.

Updates Mobile

November 8th to December 14th, 2018

  • The WhatsApp lets you engage your leads via WhatsApp and take over the conversation at any time
  • With the new landing page bot you can engage your leads directly on your website, it now also ships with support for buttons
  • Leads can now search jobs by location in the chatbot flow
  • Update to the notifications: Mark all your unread notifications as read with one click, be notified when a candidate is asking for help with the chatbot and when you've got an applicant that's been waiting for over 1 week to be processed
  • Sort the candidate list by last activity or the date the candidates were added
  • Clicking the select on the candidate list will now effectively select all candidates in the campaign, not just the displayed ones
  • The scheduler is now available in Spanish

Bug Fixes

  • * If candidates are in Inbox folder of an inquiry campaign and marked as Completed in a Job campaign, chatbot would reply to “status update” queries with something like this: “It looks like you haven’t completed your application yet for the role of “inquiry campaign title”. You’ll need to finish the application process before we can review it. This has been fixed to disallow the status of inquiry campaigns from appearing. Only job campaign statuses would be triggered.
  • Candidate’s profile will now only display Basic information and Interview responses. Other information data (which often contains sensitive information) will now be hidden from candidates’ view.
  • Chatbot’s hardcoded button “apply for another” was not triggering the right response from Dialogflow because the Talkpush bot is disconnected at that stage. This has been fixed.

October 26th to November 7th, 2018

  • The Messenger Chatbot now has a Refer a Friend button in it's menu
  • Search and filter by assigned manager, starred candidates or sources, with the updated search. The search has also undergone some performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Robocall is now supported on the new CRM interface
  • We display candidate profile images sourced from Jobstreet resumes now if available
  • The deleted folder is now supported on the new CRM interface

Bug Fixes

  • The scheduler now shows the right time zones
  • CSV upload should no longer mismatch column names
  • The referee token works again

October 15th to 25th, 2018

  • Empty state screens were added for when a campaign or folder is empty
  • Sending bulk messages will now reactivate the chatbot, while sending single candidate messages will continue to turn the bot off
  • After a lead submits an invalid response type for a second time, the chatbot will now automatically reply with the link to the Interview Landing Page and encourage leads to complete the interview process there. The leads contact details will already be prefilled and the form will only ask the pending interview questions.
  • v3 bulk messaging now has the Best Available Channel option which will send a message through the most recent channel of communication with a candidate
  • Improved the chatbots messaging in all languages to be clearer, friendlier and more concise.
  • Slight update to the design of the candidate profile action buttons and the folders
  • Audio transcripts are now properly displayed on the v3 candidate profile

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would let leads select Interview Scheduler time slots that we're not set as available in the settings
  • Clicking on a campaign in the campaign list will now open this campaign on the Leads screen
  • Resolved a bug where candidate answers would disappear on completed interviews
  • The No Campaign Invitation folder is not currently available on the v3 and will for the meantime not be displayed 
  • A series of fixes for the Spanish interface
  • Fixed an issue were the v3 would not send SMS reliably for Mexico clients
  • Adding an image and a resume when manually uploading leads is now working correctly again

September 24th to October 14th, 2018

  • Updated and improved our resume parsing on the backend
  • New Talkpush CRM: Now everyone can opt-in to use the new Talkpush CRM. the new features include:
    Notifications, real-time interface
    new powerful search & filter
    send emojis
    tagging team members in comments
    easily adding data on candidate profiles
    auto-complete suggestions for Quick Replies and Tokens
    export multiple campaigns at once
    export search results and folders
    export data from selected time frames
    re-export the most recent exports
    formatting on comments
    To learn more view here or check out the webinar below
  • Messenger Personas: You can now choose between having a single messenger profile displaying when speaking to the candidate via the Facebook Messenger, unified for the chatbot and recruiters or having the different profile images and names of the Talkpush users being displayed when sending messages from the CRM
  • The CSV upload of leads has been improved to let you store any kind of data on the candidate profiles. All additional columns inside a CSV file will now be added as data fields on the candidate with their respective values added as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Mostly fixes to prepare the launch of the new CRM
  • Updated Spanish UI for the new CRM


September 10th to 23th, 2018

  • If candidate submit an audio responses via the Facebook Messenger that seems to be empty, i.e. won't transcribe to anything, the candidate will be asked to re-record the response. This is only enabled for clients that have the transcription feature turned on.
  • A whole lot of updates on a future product release were added, stay tuned for announcements are soon to come.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a series of bugs on the Multiple Choice Questions
  • Fixed bugs on some custom landing pages
  • Fixed a bug where live calls would cut after 1 minute
  • UI fixes on the audio player
  • Fixed a bug related to SMS in the Dominican Republic
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