In the previous version of the Talkpush CRM, users could only upload CSV files with the following information – Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number, Location, and Referee. This had limited our users in customizing their campaigns to show additional information that would help in filtering their candidates.

With the improved CSV upload, users can now add additional columns which would automatically show in the candidate profile under Other Information. 

Here’s how you can do a batch upload with custom columns.

1. Create your Excel file and save as .CSV

In this sample Excel sheet, the information boxed in red are the standard columns accepted by the tool, while the ones in blue are custom columns I added for additional information. 

Make sure to label your custom columns in the exact way you want to see them in the candidate profile as you won’t be able to edit them once they’re already uploaded. Of course, you can manually delete the information and then change the it for everyone, but who would want to do that? 

Once done, save your Excel file as .CSV (Comma Separated Formats).

 2. Go to Add Candidates

 Next step is to upload your file, and you can do this by going to the campaign you want to add your candidates to, then click Add Candidate.

3. Click CSV Parsing and upload your CSV file

Drag and drop your CSV file in the box to upload your leads. Alternatively, you may click on the box and choose the file from your PC.

4. Choose the columns you wish to add

Once you’ve uploaded the CSV file, you will be presented with a preview of the columns you are about to upload. Check the columns one by one to ensure that they are labelled correctly. Any column that does not have a label or with a "-----Manual Choose-----" label will not be uploaded. You may also choose ‘Ignore’ to leave out columns you do not wish to include.

For custom columns, don’t forget manually choose the column name under the ‘Others’ category to ensure that they will appear in the candidate profile.

4. Submit your file

Once you’re done choosing the column names, click Submit and go back to the campaign to check. Take note that larger files tend to take some time before they get uploaded, so it is important to wait a few minutes and refresh to check if all candidates have been uploaded. Do not re-upload your file right away.

 Here is how it looks like once you’ve successfully uploaded your CSV file. You may find this in the candidate profile under Other Information.

Do you want to know how you can search and filter candidates based on the custom columns you’ve uploaded? Click here.

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