With the shortlist reject reasons feature you can track why your leads met or did not meet your acceptance criteria. This data can be used to gather insights into the effectiveness of different sourcing channels, the quality and skills of candidates pertaining to specific sourcing channels and to easily understand the recruiter decisions at the individual applicant level.

All accounts come with a list of shortlist and reject reasons activated by default. If you would like to add or edit these reasons you may do so in the company settings inside the communication settings section, as described below. If you would like to turn this feature off, simply remove all reasons. You can turn it back on anytime by adding new reasons. The data created through this feature is part of the Other Information section of the Candidate Profile and as such part of the data export.

There are two parts to this feature.

Setup in the Company Profile

In the company settings, which are accessible only to Owner level users, inside the Communication Settings tab Shortlist and Reject reasons can be selected and configured. If reasons have been selected they will then be shown to users when performing that respective action (shortlisting/rejecting) and can be selected.

Reasons can be added by simply typing in the text field and pressing "Add"

To edit a reason just click on it's text and to remove a reason click on the X. 

Use on the Chat Screen

Users can select one or multiple reasons from the scroll-able list of reasons. After clicking the "Proceed" button the reasons will then be saved on the candidate profile and visible in the Other Information section. Shortlist Reject reasons are optional, so you can proceed with shortlisting or rejecting without having to state a reason.

It all ends here!

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