The candidate list shows you all the candidates that you have access to within your company account. Tap on a candidate to access the chat screen and the candidate profile.

By clicking on the search icon or the "Talkpush" text you can trigger the search. You can search for candidates names, candidate IDs, phone numbers, email addresses or any other data that you may find in the candidates other information section. 

By default the candidate list will show candidates from All Campaigns inside the Completed folder.

In order to view the candidates inside a specific campaign tap on the campaign selector. All accessible campaigns will then be displayed and you can select to view one, by tapping on it or viewing all campaigns by tapping on the Show All button at the bottom of the screen. 

To view candidates inside a specific folder you can apply the same process to the folder selector on the right. 

The number on the right of the folder name indicates the number of candidates within each folder.

By clicking on the notification bell you can view all the latest notifications in your account.

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