In order to get to the candidate profile you need to click on a candidate in the candidate list and then on the candidate name on top of the chat.

Candidate List

On the chat screen

On the candidate profile you can view all the data related to the candidate’s application as well as edit the candidates status and add comments and labels.
Scroll down to see the application details, comments, other information section and interview responses.

You may trigger a phone call to the candidate by tapping on the phone icon next to the phone number. You can also star the candidate by tapping the star button.

Changing the candidate status
Use the buttons to move the candidate to the shortlisted/ rejected/ on hold and hired folder. When moving a candidate to shortlist or to reject the candidate will be notified according to the campaign settings. I the automated notification message to the candidate is enabled in the campaign settings the candidate will be notified, if it is turned off the candidate will not be notified.

Adding a label

Tap on the + button in order to add a label.

 You can then start typing the label to search for the labels available in your company account and choose one. Tap on a label to add it to the candidate profile.

To remove a label simply tap on the Red Cross.

Adding a comment

After clicking on „Add comment“ you type the comment and add it by tapping on „Submit comment“. You can view comments just above the add comment button.

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