With the Custom Folders feature you can configure your Talkpush account to match your recruitment process steps. There may be any number of interviews, assessments, documentation and other steps, in order to help you keep track of the stage of the process that each candidate is in you can configure a folder for every step of the way.

To get started, folders need to get added to the company account, this is done inside the company settings, in the Folders Settings tab.

Inside the folder settings you can view all the folders of your Talkpush account.

The folders marked with (default) are presented in all your campaigns. Inbox, completed, shortlisted, on hold, rejected, hired and no response are Talkpush default folders which cannot be edited or removed. You may however add your own default folders. Additionally, for every custom folder, marked in green, you can view with how many campaigns it is associated.

In order to create a new folder click on the Add a custom folder button.

You can define the name of the custom folder and whether a folder should be a default folder. If you enable it as a default folder it will be associated to all existing and all newly created campaigns automatically. Alternatively,  you can select every campaign that this folder should be linked to.

When editing an existing folder you can disassociate the folder or change the name. If the folder is associated to a campaign with candidates and there are candidates inside this custom folder (marked with '  -  '), it cannot be disassociated until all candidates are moved from the folder. Similarly, folders can only be deleted if no candidates are present inside the folder.

On the Leads screen

The custom folder can be accessed through the folder drop down.

The numbers on the right side of the drop down indicate the number of candidates in a given folder.

On  the candidate profile you can view the the folder the candidate is in two section, above the name and below the action buttons.

In order to move a candidate to a custom folder or between custom folders, simply click on the blue Custom button and select the folder the candidate should be moved to.

Associating custom folders inside the campaign settings

Associating custom folders and campaigns inside the company settings is great for setting up the initial process and structure, can, however, only be done by user with Owner level permissions. When setting up a new campaign you can also associate custom folders with the campaign inside the campaign settings.

In the Folders tab of the campaign settings you select from the list of custom folders added to the company account and associate them to this campaign.

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