This article will teach you how to create a new quick reply and how to edit existing ones. 

Why is it important?
Sending messages to multiple candidates on a daily is part of every recruiter’s routine. Now, instead of having to type the same message over and over again,  recruiter's can simply store it in the CRM and send it within few clicks. It’s a handy feature that saves recruiter’s time and effort.👏

Let's start with quick reply creation.

Create Quick Reply

   Step 1: On the leads drop-down, select manage quick replies
   Step 2: Click on "add quick reply" button
   Step 3: Label your quick reply using the title box and compose your message in the message box.
    Step 4: Click on save, and voila! You’re done.

💡Pro Tip: You may use the available token codes in the message section to customize your quick reply and inject some emojis to make it more enticing.

Edit Existing Quick Reply

    Step 1: On the leads drop-down, select manage quick replies
    Step 2: This will bring you to the screen where you will see the list of existing quick replies.
    Step 3: Across the selected quick reply, click on “edit icon”.
(next to it is the delete button if you wish to remove any existing quick reply)
    Step 4: Update the quick reply content then click on save.

💡Pro Tip: Use the "search bar" to easily find any existing quick replies.

How to Use Quick Reply

Step 1: On the chat area, click on the expand/collapse icon to view the pool of existing quick replies.
Step 2: Select the quick reply to be used
Step 3: Choose over which channel you would like to send the message.
Step 4: And click the send button to deliver your message.

💡Pro Tip: Add files (jpg., png., gif. etc..) if necessary along with your quick replies by clicking on "Attach file".

There you have it! Start creating your message templates to save time and effort! ⏳

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