Inside the Unassigned Campaign(s) you will find all leads that started a conversation with the Talkpush Chatbot on your Facebook Page but did not proceed to the point of the conversation where they've applied to a campaign or submitted an inquiry within 10 minutes of speaking to the bot,  essentially these are leads that stop speaking to the bot at some stage due to any reason. Once a lead has spent more than 10 minutes without applying or submitting an inquiry they will appear inside the unassigned campaign.

If a candidate ends up picking up the conversation with the bot and applying for a role, after already having been added the unassigned campaign, then the system will automatically remove the candidate's profile inside the unassigned campaign.

If you have multiple Facebook pages integrated with your Talkpush account then each Facebook page will  have its own Unassigned campaign.

Unassigned campaigns do not have campaign settings like regular campaigns. Only the name of the campaign and the users who have access to it can be updated. By default all users have access to this campaign.

If you speak to a lead inside the unassigned campaign and decide to move that lead into another campaign as they'd like to apply for that role, simply click the move candidate button and add the lead to the inbox of that campaign, in this particular of the unassigned campaign this action will no create a new application for the candidate but instead move the existing application, not changing the Application ID in the process.

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