This step by step tutorial will show you how to control the duplicate applications in a specific campaign. 🔒

Authorizing  Multiple applications: 

This means an applicant can apply to the job campaign more that once without Talkpush blocking them.

Step 1: Click on <Campaigns> to load your campaign list table

Step 2: Click on the menu and choose <settings>

Step 3: Toggle on <Authorize Multiple Applications>

Step 4: Lastly, Scroll down to the bottom and click on <Save>

Allow multiple applications within a period of time

Step 1: Toggle off <Authorize Multiple Applications>

Step 2: Adjust the months on when the candidate can apply again

Step 3: Lastly, Scroll down to the bottom and click on <Save>

This will control the time on when the applicant can apply again. 

Note: Talkpush determines duplicate profiles based on their email address.
If the candidate uses a different email address, There will be no way for Talkpush to determine if the candidate has a duplicate application. 

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