Change Your Bot’s Name and FAQ responses 

Naming your chatbot is a good way to engage candidates but we quickly learned there isn’t a “one name fits all” solution. This new and improved Standard bot plan allows you to edit the name from the default “Stanley” to whatever your heart desires. In addition, you can now change the default responses to up to 25 FAQs to meet your business needs. 

Just ask your Customer Success Manager to process this request via our internal portal, and one of our Conversation Designers will make this change for you in your Talkpush account’s admin panel. 

Advanced Job Search Capabilities: 

Hiring for multiple countries? Cities? Bot will now begin job search and ask candidates to choose a preferred location, then save this chosen option in their Talkpush profile. If the candidates input a location which doesn’t exist in your campaigns, bot will then ask candidate to leave their contact information in an inquiry campaign for your later follow up. 

Note: requires the job campaigns to be each setup with country and city selection in the drop down list. Then chatbot setting to be turned on in Sourcing tab.

GDPR rights for all Chatbot Respondents 

The opt in message to your unique data privacy policy is now included right in the bot’s greeting message to ensure all candidates consent to it once interacting with the bot. If they don’t choose to enter a campaign after 10 minutes of this initial interaction, the system will automatically add those candidates in our newly launched “Unassigned Campaign”. More on that here.  

More intuitive Bot Main Menu 

Following our message transcript analysis, we found out our candidates’ top areas of interest and applied them to the bot’s new and improved main menu. Bot will now open with: 

  • “Search for a job” (less intimidating than the word “Apply” for those who haven’t made their minds up yet)
  • “Working at {Company}” : to give them a taste of why it’s awesome to work for this employer
  • “Online Assessment Guide”: #1. Question asked by candidates before they apply for a job, so presenting this upfront and center reassures them of all steps required. 

More Chatbot Tips & Better Visuals
We also updated the graphics to the latest Messenger UI on the bot to look more dynamic and youthful. 

We’ve also introduced a “Heads up” message just before the Interview questions begin. Added “strong Internet connection” requirement and a note on how long process will take to manage expectations and avoid user frustration. 

Other tips also include an overview of what the chatbot can do, such as how to restart a conversation, how to record audio clips or video, as well as the use of button responses. 

Candidates can Go Back to where they left off: 

Previously, when candidates asked a question in the middle of prescreening, the bot answers with an error message, then stop the pre-screening flow altogether. This was painful for candidates. Now, we’ve redesigned Standard bot’s flow to answer random questions at any point in the conversation and then allowing them to go back to where they were for a more natural conversation flow and helps increase chances of completing the application.

You can now review and edit your basic information

The chatbot can show the full list of basic information, such as name, email, and phone number, while also allowing the candidates to edit this. If the full name is not submitted in the correct format, the bot will not accept it and will re-ask the correct name. 

We've also disabled the bot's autocorrect function for this release, so candidates' exact inputs will not be altered and original data will be securely saved in Talkpush, as the user intended. 

After the interview is over, candidates will have a chance to edit their information in case they mistyped, or bot made a mistake. Additional copy added lets candidates know the importance of typing in legit information. 

Proactive Engagement with Related FAQ Topics 

Certain question topics should follow up with other question topics that make sense. For example, when a candidate asks about qualifications, bot responds and proactively shows a list of other related topics in button format , which also minimizes room for error. 

Differentiate between New and Returning applicants 

The bot is now able to detect if a candidate has opted in, has completed pre-screening, has completed an interview, and present different conversation flows depending on each user type. 

For returning applicants, for example, bot will now ask if candidate is still interested in the same job as previous session, or would like a new search.

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