Integrating the Facebook Lead ads is made possible by the Talkpush Facebook chat bot app which uses a "manage_pages" permission to access the lead ad sign ups from the company's Facebook page.

PART A: Connect the Facebook Page to Talkpush CRM

Step 1: Go to Company Settings

Step 2: Under Facebook Settings, log in with Facebook then continue

Step 3: Once the permissions are granted you can subscribe to the Facebook Page that you need to connect to Talkpush.

Step 4: Once the page access has been granted (i.e. the Talkpush Facebook App is installed on your Facebook Page), you will see a "subscribed" button in green.

PART B: Locate the Facebook Lead Ad ID

Step 1 : On your FB Business Manager, go to ads level
Step 2:  Click on edit under the Ad Name
Step 3: Click the Action Menu then Copy the Ad ID

PART C: Integrate the Facebook Lead Ad to Talkpush CRM

Step 1:   On Talkpush CRM, look for the Campaign where you want to integrate the Ad
              ID then click on Campaign Settings
Step 2:  Go to sourcing tab
Step 3 : Scroll down and look for the Lead Ads section
Step 4:  Paste the copied Lead Ad ID on the space then submit
Step 5:  “Lead Successfully added” should be seen once submitted 

PART D: Wait for the Incoming Applicants

All candidates that now applies through the Facebook Lead Ad will be invited for a Talkpush interview!

As new candidates sign up and apply through the lead ads, their information will then be captured by the Talkpush Facebook app and transferred to Talkpush CRM, which is followed by an Invitation SMS or Email (as per the campaign settings) delivered to the candidates’ contact details asking them to complete their automated interview.

You're all set now! 🎉

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