🧠Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this article, you'll be able to learn:

  1. How to add comments in a candidate profile

📌Why is it important?

Reduce the risk of miscommunication by documenting each recruiter's feedback in the comment section of each candidate's profile.

📝Use Case:

The hiring manager wants to see the complete feedback of the recruiters to their candidates during the screening process.

⚙️How to configure it?

How to Add a Comment

Step 1: Log in to Talkpush
Step 2: Go to the candidate profile
Step 3: Scroll down and look for the comment section
Step 4: Click on "add comments"
Step 5: Compose your feedback/ comments (Pro Tip: Use *text* to highlight some key words)
Step 6: Tick on add comments to save your feedback

This is how it will appear on the candidate's profile:


1. What to write in the comment section?

  1. Key information that is not mentioned in the online interview.

  2. Feedback.

  3. Result of the face to face or phone interview

2. Mention your colleague in the comment section

By typing "@" in the comment section, a drop-down list of your colleagues will appear. Select which one you want to mention so they'll get notified.

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