The Campaign List shows a full List of Campaigns that you have access to. This screen allows you to access any of these campaigns, create new campaigns (if you need to), or perform campaign level actions (if you have access) -

  1. THE SEARCH BAR: The search takes the following fields into consideration: Campaign name, campaign creator name, city & country. 

2. ACTIVE AND ARCHIVED CAMPAIGNS (LIST SELECTOR) - You can switch to only view active campaigns or archived campaigns. Archived campaigns will only be accessible from the campaign list. When a campaign is archived all candidates inside the campaign will also be archived. Archived campaigns can be restored (re-actived) at any time from the list of archived campaign, which will give you access to the candidates inside.

3. ADD CAMPAIGN: These feature allows you to create a new camapaign from scratch

4. CAMPAIGN ACTIONS (EXPANSION MENU) -  These are additional actions that are visible depending on your user permission level.
Owner account users can view all actions, Manager account users can view all actions for the campaigns that they've created and Limited Manager account users can only export data.

5. CAMPAIGN LIST TABLE: the actual list in the middle of the page - Here you’ll see the Campaign Name, Count of candidates in Inbox, Completed & Shortlisted folders, the country and city configured and whether the campaign is enabled to be visible on the chatbot, Facebook jobs and Google Jobs. The Chatbot indicator tells you whether any campaign is publicly listed in the Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Equally, the Facebook Jobs and Google Jobs indicator tells you whether the campaign is configured to list as a job on your Facebook page or in Google Jobs. These can be configured in the sourcing tab of the campaign settings. You can sort the columns by clicking on the arrow icons.

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