We are aware that you spend most of your time processing your candidates on the leads screen, so we decided to add the campaign drop down list where you can switch to different campaigns you created or have access to without the need to move to a another screen.

💡Take note that you should be the owner of the campaign or have access to it to view them.

Let's start!

Step 1: Simply click on the campaign drop down list to expand the selections

Step 2: Select among the list. You can select the campaign directly

Step 3: You can search a campaign. You can type in or paste a keyword to pull out the campaign

Step 4: To load all campaign again, simply click on "All Campaigns". You can go back and select ALL campaigns again

You can now switch from one campaign to another with ease!

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⏮️ Navigating through your folders per campaign
⏭️ Looking at the candidate profile

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