🧠Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this article, you will be able to:

  1. Understand how each default folder works

📌Why is it important?

Talkpush has different folders that mirror the main stages in the recruitment process such as Inbox, Completed, On Hold, Shortlist, Hired, and Reject folder which will help the recruiters to smoothly manage and organize all the incoming leads.

Each folder can have a different configuration and behavior depending on the step the candidates are.

📝Use Case:

  1. Understand the behavior and configuration of the folders to know what each folder means in the candidate application.

  2. Understand which steps are the candidate in the automatic steps.

⚙️How does it work?

I. Default Folders

  1. No Response - unresponsive candidates from inbox for 3 weeks will be automatically moved to no response folder.

  2. Inbox - when a new candidate (a lead) applies to a job in Messenger or Whatsapp or is manually added to a campaign, they will be added first to the INBOX FOLDER (once they select a campaign/a job if they did not select a campaign will be assigned to the unassigned campaign). While in the Inbox folder, the candidate is required to complete their automated interviews. This interview can be completed by any method - Facebook Messenger, Phone, SMS, or Interview Landing page (click here to read more about the completion method options). Once the automated interview questionnaire is completed, the candidate moves to the completed folder.

  3. Completed - in the COMPLETED FOLDER, the candidate profile is awaiting for a recruiter's review, all the candidates found in this folder is because they answered successfully the campaign questions. Once the recruiter reviews the application and decides to Shortlist or Reject the candidate, the candidate moves to the next stage accordingly. This movement (processing) may also happen automatically if there is a Smart Filter or AutoFlow set up.

  4. Shortlisted - the candidate moves to the SHORTLIST FOLDER once the recruiter clicks on the Shortlist button in the candidate profile. These candidates will receive a shortlist message which was set up in the message settings if the recruiter opted to and the candidate will have the option to tag the candidate with a shortlist reason this is optional.

  5. Reject - similar to the shortlisted folder, the candidate moves to the REJECTED FOLDER if the recruiter clicks on the Reject candidate. These candidates will receive a rejection message which was set up in the message settings if the recruiter opted to, (you can delay the rejection message too), and the candidate will have the option to tag the candidate with a rejection reason this is optional.

  6. On Hold - On hold folder is an interim folder that serves to organize candidates who may have moved beyond the shortlisted stage and the recruiters need to track them separately. This Folder does not have an automatic message as Shortlist/ Rejection Folders.

  7. Hired - This is where the candidates are moved once they are hired. This will be manually triggered by the recruiter at the end of the recruitment process. It is important to move those hired candidates to this folder in order to get the accurate metrics.

II. Folder Count

The number you see on the right side of the folder is the number of candidates that exist in each stage.

Selecting any folder refreshes the candidate list for actual candidates in a selected folder. At any point, 8 candidates will be shown when scrolling down the list.


Don't get confused between "default" and "custom" folders. Folders in blue are the custom folders and the rest are the default ones which are not editable.

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