The folder structure in Talkpush is designed to mirror a standard recruitment workflow, so when a new candidate (a lead) applies to a job, he/she is added first to the INBOX FOLDER

While in Inbox, the candidates are required to complete their automated interview. This interview can be completed by any method - Facebook Messenger, Phone, SMS, or Interview Landing page (click here to read more about the completion method options). Once the automated interview questionnaire is completed, the candidate moves to the COMPLETED FOLDER

In the COMPLETED FOLDER, the candidate profile is awaiting a recruiter review. Once the recruiter reviews the application and decides to Shortlist or Reject the candidate, the candidate moves to the next stage accordingly. This movement (processing) may also happen automatically if there is a Smart Filter set up (Read more about Smart Filters in Campaign Settings)

The candidate moves to the SHORTLIST FOLDER once the recruiter clicks on Shortlist from the candidate profile. These candidates would automatically get the Shortlisted message that is set up in the Message Settings in Campaign Settings

Similar to shortlisted folder, the candidate moves to REJECTED FOLDER if the recruiter clicks on Reject candidate.

ON HOLD FOLDER is an interim folder that serves to organize candidates who may have moved beyond the shortlisted stage and the recruiters need to track them separately.

HIRED FOLDER is where the candidates are moved once they are hired. This is triggered by the recruiter at the end of the recruitment process

The number you see on the right side of the folder are the number of candidates that exist in each stage.

Selecting any folder refreshes the candidate list for actual candidates in a selected folder. You can scrolling down the list and at any point 12 candidates are shown in you can scroll through all candidates

Note: Blue Folders are custom folders.

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