As a recruiter, you can now receive calls via Talkpush on the outbound phone line that is  provided to you. 

Recruiters will  be notified when a candidate is calling in order to take the call and if you are not available, another recruiter can take the call for you. 

Our inbound call dallier also has analytics where you can review the inbound calls on the platform.

Watch tutorial video below. 👇

Step One: First you will need to add a valid phone number in your account.

Step Two: Once you have saved your phone number click on the phone icon and set this to available

Step Three: Reach out to your CSM so that they can provide the number which can be shared to your candidates.
IE below, is the number that the candidates should call but ONLY the CSMs have access to this setting

Step four: You can easily implement this number to the message settings so that they are automatically shared to the candidates or, just manually send this out to the candidates so the candidates can call you.

The candidate experience

Once the candidate call the number that was shared to him/her, this is how the experience will be 👇

The User Experience

The user will see the pop up notification of the candidate who is calling


1. Which user will receive the calls?

In the campaign Settings you will see the list of users under the round robing assignment. It will always be the first user who will receive the call. 

2. What happens if the first user is not able to take the all?
If the firs user fails to answer or ends the call, the call will be transffered to the next available user <no. 2> in the image above

3. Where can I find the calls data?

You can easily review the call activities by doing the following steps.

Or check who recruiters are currently online as well

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