Due to the New Facebook Policy. Our recruiters are challenged to chase applicants to complete their pending interviews. 

Today, we are happy to announce that we have implemented the Delayed Chasing Messages! This feature allows your chatbots to send auto chase messages to encourage your candidates to complete their pending applications.  

How does this work?
Please see video below. 👇

1st delay Intent

When an applicant selects a job and clicks on "APPLY", the bot will begin the interview questions. If the candidate fails to complete the interview questions within 30 min. The first chase message will be sent out.

"It seems that you haven't completed your application yet. Just type in APPLY so we can continue where we left off "

2nd delay intent

When the applicant still fails to complete the interview after one more hour. The second chase message will be sent. 

Hey ! 👋 We'd love to help you finish your application, just type in *APPLY* and we'll get that going for you!

3rd delay intent

When the applicant does not reply after 22 hours. The last chase message will be sent. 

"Do not leave me hanging here. Say *APPLY* to pick up where we left off."

💡 How can Delayed Chasing Messages help you?

  Recruiters can now focus their time on more strategic tasks while your Chatbot is doing the chasing for you! 🤖
Increase your completion rate
Improve candidate experience while maintaining a positive relationship with your candidates

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