To set this up for each question, you need to set up certain conditions that the answers should meet before a candidate gets sorted between shortlisted or rejected folder. 

I. Go to Smart Filters Tab

             Step 1: Log in to Talkpush
             Step 2: Select a campaign
             Step 3: Click on "campaign settings"
             Step 4: On the left hand-side of the screen, go to "smart filters" tab

    Now it's time to set up the smart filters.

II. Setting Up Smart Filters

             Step 6: Choose between auto shortlist or auto reject tabs

             Step 7: On the selected question, click on the arrow down button and select                              the answer_(question #)

*Note: If there is any question that is not required special answer by the candidate to be Rejected or Shortlist, you can leave it blank

             Step 8: Next step is to choose the condition. 

*Note: If you will use ‘equal’ or 'Not equal' as a rule, remember to type in the answer in the exact same manner that you’ve used when setting it up previously in the Questions tab, otherwise the Smart filters won't work.

        Step 9 : Type in the specific answer on the field next to conditions.
It needs to be exactly the same as the answers previously save when you setup your questions for the campaign.

Remember that this option, only works with the exact match of the answer that the candidate writes.

        Step 10 : Repeat the steps for other questions.
        Step 11 : Finally, click on "save smart filters".

III. Add New Rules (Optional)

You can have multiple conditions in each questions by clicking on "add rule". This works very well with Multiple Choice type of questions, if you have set up the options to be  very clear and direct.

Remember that the options should be exactly the same as the options you previously wrote in the questions.

How does it work?           

           Question: What is your highest educational attainment?
           Choices: College Grad
                           College Level
                           High school Grad

For an instance, you wish to shortlist candidates with an educational attainment of College Grad OR College Level only. Simply click on "add rule" then repeat steps 6 - 9. Lastly, select "OR" button since you're looking for a College Grad OR College Level candidates.

*Note: Use "add group" if you wish to have a more extensive set of rules.

📌Things to take note:

  1. The candidate will be auto shortlisted 5 mins after completing the interview while the shortlist message will be sent out 10 minutes after.

  2. The candidate will be auto rejected 5 mins after completing the interview while the rejection message will be sent out 2 hours after.

  3. Exact time execution still depends on the current queue

Phew! That's it!
Automate your process now! 


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