We've had a lot of feedback in recent months that our users are increasingly looking for more complex search capabilities across the "Other Information" section stored on the candidates' profile.

Why? Being able to filter these candidates helps users with their daily reporting and allows them to qualify leads for the next step in their recruitment process.

Well, we heard you! We took your feedback onboard, and the new search feature is scheduled for deployment tomorrow! 🙌

This search enhancement is going to let users perform more complex searches of candidate attributes inside campaigns and folders.

The Old Search Feature

With the old search function, when the user requires to search for a specific candidate attribute, they would have to manually type this attribute into the search bar to load the results.

Users would have to type in the exact candidate attribute, which often resulted in typos and frustration.

Here is how this used to work 👇

What's new?!

The New Search Feature 🧐

Now, if a user is looking to filter a specific attribute or attributes, they simply have to select the relevant attribute(s) they want to filter.

For example, if a user needs to filter out an applicant with specific experience, all they need to do is select that experience from the candidate attribute filter. The user can also add filtering rules to their search.

See the short video below. 👇


  • Can a user select multiple campaigns? - With the current search filter, the user can only choose ONE or ALL campaigns.

  • What is the difference between "AND" and "OR"? - "AND" means ALL criteria are met, and "OR" means any of the criteria are met.

For example, we are filtering candidates located in Manila who are in the completed or shortlisted folder.

  • Format: <campaign name> and <candidate attribute: Location = manila> and <completed folder> or <shortlisted folder>

Click here to read the search article

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