🧠Learning Outcomes:

  • Send your questions about CRM features

  • Report any concerns or bugs that you encounter

  • Identify the information needed to produce a better report

  • Know the status of your bug report

  • Find the answers you need in the Help Center

📌Why is it important?

Feeling lost the first time you log in to Talkpush? Well, don't feel bad because even our most experienced end-users often find themselves confused with the platform. Good thing that Talkpush is always here to guide and support you.

We have our service team available 24/7 to properly address the concerns of our users. You can send your CRM/Chatbot related issues right inside of Talkpush and receive feedback in less than 5 minutes!

📝Use Case

  1. The client encountered an issue with one of the CRM features when processing a candidate and they wanted to send a report right away.

⚙️How to configure it?


“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.”
–​ Steve Jobs


Talkpush integrated with Intercom so we can properly address your concerns.

Upon logging in to Talkpush, you will see a floating green bubble at the bottom left side of the screen. That is called the intercom messenger.

A pop up will show you the options below:

I. Your Previous Conversations

You can track your previous conversation with the service desk team in this section. It will also give you the choice to revisit the instructions or concerns that you had in the past.

Just simply click on "see all" to load the previous list of your conversations.

II. Send a Report

Users can send their concerns through the intercom messenger inside the CRM or via e-mail.

A. Sending report through Intercom Messenger

Step 1: Click on the Intercom Messenger button.

Step 2: Click on the send us a message button.

Step 3: On the chat area, type in the issue you encountered. (IMPORTANT : Please make sure that you have included ALL the necessary information at the beginning of your report)

How to report the issue the correct way: (Please indicate the following)

  1. What issue/error you encountered

  2. What is expected to happen / what action you were trying to do
    - Example: "I clicked the shortlist button so this candidate should be moved to the shortlisted folder"

  3. APP ID (the candidate profile you were in when the issue happened)

  4. Campaign ID (if available)

  5. Folder (if available)

  6. Screenshot/Video showing the issue you encountered.

  7. Optional: Any troubleshooting done
    - Example : Clearing cache, used 'Incognito' mode, refreshed the page, etc.

Step 4: Once done, press enter to send your message.

B. Sending report through E-mail

Users can also send their reports via e-mail. Simply send your email to cs.support@talkpush.com and we will update you on the same email thread.

III. Talkpush Library

Talkpush built an online library to let our users continue to learn and familiarize how each feature works. Users can also visit the library to find the answers they need.

On the "find your answers now" section, you can manually look for the answer that you need. Simply type in the keywords on the search bar and the system will pull up all articles related to the keywords.

Clicking on "see more results" will direct you to the actual online Talkpush Library.

IV. Talkpush Blogs

We also invested in online journals or also known as "blogs" about recruitment automation, and how to source, screen, and hire better than anyone!

Just click on it to load the available blogs and sign up to receive regular TA insights straight to your email.

V. Talkpush Release Notes

All the latest new features, updates, and changes can be found in this place!

VI. Talkpush Systems Health Status

You can also monitor the health status of the CRM in this section.

🛠 BUG STATUS : Know the Process

You may have been receiving updates from us about the status of your bugs, however, you also wonder what's actually happening in the back end. To shed some light on this, here are the different stages your reports go through :

  • Unconfirmed - This is the first stage of all bug tickets created. This means that it has not been verified or confirmed yet by the QA team as a valid issue or request. In this stage, different scenarios are being tested and initial findings are reported.

  • To Do - The QA Team has confirmed the ticket as valid or the request is accepted.

  • Assigned - At this point, an engineer has been assigned to address your concern.

  • In Progress - This means that the engineer assigned to the ticket already picked up the report from the queue. He/She will now start working on the ticket and will provide an update once necessary. For some instances, this is where you may feel that your bugs are being 'stuck', however, some bugs are really hard to fix or replicate.

  • Ready for QA (Staging) - This status means that the issue/request has been fixed in the back-end. However, it requires some tests before the fix can be deployed live.

  • Ready for QA (Production) - This status means the the issue or request has a fix that passed the tests in the back-end. QA will now proceed with a final check before deploying the fix in the CRM.

  • Closed - The issue has been fixed.

  • Declined - There are times that tickets are being declined because the scenario could be an 'expected behavior' (a feature is designed to work that way), or it could either be a feature request (needs to be filed separately) or account management related (we'll let your CSM handle the situation).


  1. Create different conversations for every issue to properly track their progress.

2. Attach screenshots or screen recordings to provide a clearer view on what is happening on your end. And when sending screenshots, make sure that it covers the four corners of your screen.

3. Add "loom" to your chrome extension to produce a better screen recording.


  1. Who manages the conversations in intercom?

Service Desk is the team dedicated to answering the inquiries reported in intercom as soon as possible. They are the faces you frequently see when writing an issue in intercom messenger.

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