For the past few months, almost every company had to transition to a virtual recruitment set-up. This is the time when automation became much more than just a need, and both candidates and recruiters needed to adjust fast. Job interviews are done virtually, some would have a shorter recruitment process while others had to add an extra step.

Here in Talkpush, we are constantly looking for ways how we can help our clients transition smoothly into this change. Almost all of our features have been activated and enhanced to match different use cases for virtual recruitment -- one of them is setting up automated messages for your candidates' scheduled interviews. This saves you a lot of time because you don't have to allot time and manually remind each of your candidates -- let the CRM do that for you!

💡Did you know that you can sync your calendar to Talkpush?

If you haven't done that yet, we can guide you on how to do just that. You can see the steps here.

Once you've synced your calendar, you can now compose and customize the automated messages for your candidates. There are 3 types of content you can set up:


This is the message that will be sent out automatically to the candidate once they have selected and submitted their interview date and time. Also, your message here would appear on the calendar invitation that your candidates will receive.

For the message content, It is best to use tokens to individualize your messages so you only need to set it up once. Use it for the candidate name, calendar date, calendar time start, etc.

Since interviews are now virtual, always include the interview link (Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, etc.) to these messages, so your candidates would know where they need to log in.

For example:
Actual Message:
"Hi (Ica)! Thank you for scheduling your interview on (November 4, 2020), (10:00AM). Your HR interview round will be conducted over (Zoom/Skype/Google Meet,/etc.), kindly download it before your scheduled appointment. Here's the link where you will log in : (insert interview zoom/skype/google meet, etc. URL). Looking forward to speaking with you!"


A reminder message will be automatically sent to the candidate one day before their interview. You are able to create customized templates for the reminder message.

Actual Message:
"Hi (Ica)! Here's a reminder for your scheduled HR interview tomorrow at (November 4, 2020) at (10:00 AM) for (company). Please don't forget to download your (Zoom/Skype/Google Meet/etc.) and here's our meeting link for tomorrow : (insert interview zoom/skype/google meet, etc. URL). Should the schedule no longer work for you, please click here to reschedule (My Calendar Scheduler URL)."


This message will be sent automatically to the candidate on the day of the interview. You may put in some last-minute reminders for the candidate, or even better, offer some tips on how to ace the interview round!

Always click 'Save' on each of these messages, and you're good to go.

We hope this helps you and your team save time and be able to process more candidates. For any feedback or suggestion, feel free to let us know!

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