The Talkpush team is pleased to share the improved user experience in exporting candidate data and an additional function in the automated messaging feature. 🤠

What's new?! 😎

Introducing the New Progress Bar in Exporting Data: Get to see the latest status of your exports🧐

Currently, when a user exports the candidate data, the actual status of the downloads is not visible. This behavior leaves the user uncertain about the progress.

Starting today, a popup message of the actual export progress will appear under your notification bell. Also, the log of your downloads should be available within 24 hours. Therefore, you can go back to your download history and download the data again. 👍

Delay - Rejection Message ✉️

Applicants for any job spend considerable time updating their resumes and preparing cover letters before approaching you about your job vacancy. 📝

As a recruiter, you would like to leave each candidate with a clear view of the organization and make them feel that the team has given a reasonable amount of consideration to their application.🧐

In the past, when an applicant was rejected through smart filters, the rejection message will be sent approximately 90 minutes after the applicant has completed the interview. Potentially, this could leave the applicant feeling that his or her application has not been reasonably considered. 😥

Today, you can change that! 😍

This new enhancement allows you to adjust the time on when the rejection message is sent.

To configure this, you will need to go to your company settings. Please note that the settings apply to all campaigns.

See the video below. 👇

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