Over the past couple of months, the Talkpush team has been busy identifying key features that could be modified to increase the overall pace and usability of the CRM. 🤠

Well, what's new?! 🤩

Introducing The New Homepage: Pick up where you left off 🚀

Currently, when a user logs in to Talkpush, all campaigns and the completed folder load by default.
From today, only the most recently accessed campaign and folder will load.

What this means 💡

  • The home screen is going to load faster. 🚀

  • Now you can skip the extra step of having to select a campaign every time you log in. ⌚

For example, when the recruiter's task is to schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates in the customer service representative role. The CSR campaign and the shortlisted folder needs to be chosen before interacting with them.

Starting today, the recruiters won't need to take this extra step. Once they log in, the campaign and folder which they recently accessed will load automatically. 👍


  • Will all campaigns still be available? - Yes, you can always select "all campaigns" under the campaign drop-down list.

  • What default campaign and folder will load for new users that login? - The CRM will load ALL CAMPAIGNS and COMPLETED folder as default. (dependent on the permission settings of the user) See campaign permission settings here

  • When does the recently accessed campaign load? - For example, the user signed out while he/she was in the "Customer Support Campaign and Shortlisted folder." The next time they sign in, the same campaign and folder they left off will be loaded, "Customer Support Campaign and Shortlisted folder."

Thanks for reading! 🤓

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