We would like to provide an update regarding the activities from Talkpush following the policy change of Facebook Messenger earlier this month, which limited organizations' ability to contact candidates 24 hours after the last interaction by a candidate.

1) We have applied a CRM system update and restored the ability to inform short-listed and rejected candidates' of their status.

2) We are devising systematic ways to interact and engage with candidates within the 24-hour window, such as via timed messages, targeted at candidates who have not completed their application.

3) We have initiated the application of the HUMAN_AGENT tag with Facebook for our clients, and are awaiting approval by Facebook. Afterwards, recruiters should be able to respond to candidates after 24 hours, and within a 7-day window. We are reviewing Facebook Messenger's policy in detail and exploring different ways to re-engage candidates, such as via using different tags.

4) We would like to remind clients that while there are limitations to connecting with candidates using Facebook Messenger, other channels, including SMS, can continue to be used, such as for scheduling interviews and sending interview reminders.

While this change has caused us to change the way we normally interact with candidates, it has also forced us to look more creatively at ways to engage candidates, which may ultimately improve candidate experience. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate and make the best out of this change together.


Talkpush Team

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