Sending Facebook messages to candidates outside the standard 24-hour messaging window is difficult to control and often leads to spamming our candidates with messages. 😥

In light of this behavior, the Talkpush team is releasing an anti-spam control feature tonight GMT+08:00 (October 19, 2020), that should protect you from getting restricted by Facebook from sending messages. 🙌

The anti-spam control feature will prevent you from the following details below: 👇

  • Sending a message outside the 24-hour messaging window more than once within a short period.

  • Sending a message outside the 24-hour window more than twice if the candidate is no longer engaging back.

How does this work?

  • When a recruiter sends a message to a candidate who has not engaged with Messenger for more than 24 hours, the candidate will need to reply "View".

  • If the candidate has not responded "View" within 24 hours, the system will display a first alert message.

"Pending reply on Facebook."

  • Suppose the recruiter ignores the “Pending reply on Facebook” and attempts to send another message within 24 hours to the candidate. In that case, the system will display a second alert message.

“Anti Spam Policy: There is a message pending reply from the candidate. Please wait 24 hours to send another message via Facebook. Would you like to use SMS instead?
(Charges may apply)”

  • Suppose the recruiter selects "no" and sends the message after 24 hours to the candidate and the candidate did not reply to the message again. In that case, the system will display a third alert message.

"Candidate is unresponsive on Facebook".

  • If any recruiter attempts to send a third message to the same candidate while the status is "Candidate is unresponsive on Facebook" (regardless of the amount of time elapsed). The system will display an error:

"Anti Spam Policy: It seems the candidate has become unresponsive on Facebook. Sending another message may violate Facebook anti spam policy. Would you like to use SMS instead? (Charges may apply)"

FAQs 💡

1. What is the behavior when a recruiter sends bulk messages?

  • If the candidate already received a message that requires typing "VIEW" and has not responded in 24 hours, the system will not send the message.

  • You will see that the message failed to send when you check the candidate's message history.

2. The anti-spam control feature helps manage the spamming of messages; however, Talkpush will not be able to handle the content, which is acceptable for Facebook Policies.

  • To read more on the best practices, click here.

Learn more!
Facebook Policy Guidelines

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