Hi Talkpushers!

For the last few months, our team has been hard at work on a major release, which will affect 4 of Talkpush's most popular features: SEARCH, BULK ACTIONS, AUTOFLOW, and SHARE PROFILE.

This is the biggest release we have made all year, with the potential to accelerate your recruitment ways, so please read on, as this will likely have a big impact on your day-to-day usage of Talkpush.

The release will be made this coming Sunday (November 8) so you have a few days to read and prepare. We also encourage you to contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule a personalized training session at any time.

Introducing the New Boolean Search 🔎

As the complexity and richness of your talent database are constantly expanding, we wanted to support a broader variety of search scenarios, including searches within specific campaigns and folders.

Enhancements to Bulk Actions 🚀

Performing bulk actions can be dangerous without the correct usability and principles: you wouldn't want to spend hundreds (or thousands) of messages to the wrong candidates! We have created a better and safer experience when performing filter + bulk actions.

Messaging Automation with AutoFlow 💹

AutoFlow is learning new tricks! You can now configure it to send specific messages triggered if certain criteria are met. This is a major upgrade that supports a highly personalized candidate engagement at every stage of the application process.

More Powerful Sharing of Candidates with External Parties 📤 ‍

We've completely revamped the share profile feature, which lets you share a profile (including audio and video content) with someone (usually a hiring manager) and lets them send you comments.

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Talkpush Team

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