As we approach the end of the year, we'd like to mark it by delivering some of the most highly requested enhancements from you. 🎄

Please read on to see what's new! 👇

Filter by Facebook Page

Now you can filter candidates by the Facebook page source. This feature is useful if your company has more than one Facebook page subscribed to the CRM.

Filter by Attachment

We've brought back filtering applications by attachments. You can easily find applications that have attachments or not and make follow up actions.

Filter by Appointment Date

Find candidates with an appointment date through the Recruitment Center or Scheduler, and filter by the specific date of appointment.

Create Candidate Level Attributes

When you manually add the Other Information on a candidate's profile, you can set it as "candidate level," which means it will be visible on the candidate's other applications' Other Information.

Other Information can Now Support Dropdowns

Users can save a list of values that will appear as the dropdown options in the Other Information.

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