🧠Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this article, you will learn :

1. How to test your lead ads via the Lead Ads Testing Tool

2. Step-by-step guide on basic troubleshooting for lead ads integration

📌Our Objective

We want to make sure that the lead ad ID was properly connected to the destination campaign after creating the ad.

📝Use Case:

1. Client wanted to test the lead ads on their Talkpush campaign right after launching the ad.

2. Client wanted to know why their leads are not pushing through to the campaign and how to troubleshoot it.

⚙️ Verify if the Lead Ad ID is connected to a Campaign

A common error when integrating your lead ads to a Talkpush campaign is not having the correct lead ad ID. Follow these steps to locate your Facebook lead ad ID;

A : On your FB Business Manager, go to Ads level.
B : Click on edit under the Ad Name.
C : Click the Action Menu then copy the Ad ID.

Once you have the correct lead ad ID, integrate the Facebook Lead Ad to Talkpush CRM.

Step 1: On Talkpush CRM, look for the Campaign where you want to integrate the Ad
Step 2: Click Sourcing tab.

Step 3 : Scroll down and look for the Lead Ads section.
Step 4: Paste the copied Lead Ad ID on the space then submit.

Step 5: “Lead Successfully added” should be seen once submitted.

⚙️ Run a Test via Lead Ad Testing Tool

Now that you have connected your Facebook ad to Talkpush, run a test to make sure that incoming leads will appear on the campaign. But before that, check if you have these pre-requisites;

· Published Facebook Lead Ad

· FB Lead Ad Form Used

· Access to the FB Page

· Lead Ad Testing Tool Link

If you have all of the above, follow the next steps below;

1. Go to your Talkpush CRM

2. Add lead ad ID: “0” to the campaign where the ad is connected

3. Navigate on this link

4. Select your FB Page

5. Choose the FB Lead Ad form used

6. Click on 'Create Lead'

7. Click on 'Track Status'

8. If you are seeing a “pending” status, keep on clicking on track status to refresh

Success Status - Talkpush Bot App is connected to the FB Page. Leads should reflect on the CRM.

Failure Status - CRM access has been revoked.

❓Why am I not seeing my leads in Talkpush?

If for some reason you don't see the incoming lead in the inbox (after following all the steps above), there could be 2 problems:

A) Page integration isn't working

I. Check if the bot is working.

II. If the bot is working, move on to the next check (B). ⬇️

III. If the bot is not working as well, then re-integrate the page from company settings. To know how to integrate your Facebook page, click here.

B) You (or whoever did the Page Integration) doesn't have Leads Access

To grant Talkpush leads access, follow these steps:

I. Go to your Business Manager Settings. You cannot manage Leads access from your Facebook.

II. Click Integrations in the left menu.

III. Click Leads Access.

IV. Click on CRMs .

V. Under Assign CRMs, select Talkpush Bot.

**You can also check out this article from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/618808448980683

C) If both of these options (A and B) are already confirmed and you are still not receiving Lead Ad test in the Inbox, then raise this as a bug.

D) If you see that the test lead went to Inbox but the actual leads are not getting into Talkpush, then check if:

i. The Ad ID that was integrated into the sourcing tab is actually correct. A lot of clients make the mistake of entering the Ad Campaign ID or the Ad Set ID instead of the Ad ID
ii. Client hasn't created a Lead Ad, and instead, used a different Ad type.


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