Candidate sourcing is the initial part of the recruiting process — and that alone is already a tough job. Once you find quality candidates, processing and getting them hired is a different ball game. Imagine if your team is doing these manually, daily, and still not getting the right talent to fit the job. Even a five-step recruitment journey would feel like an eternity for a candidate — especially for a millennial who grew up with technology. 😫

So what’s the solution? Source faster by using a single platform where you can manage all your sourcing channels and process candidates smoother with an automated end-to-end recruitment journey. In Talkpush, we can help you with both.

Talkpush is made compatible with different sourcing channels, even those that require integration with other systems such as job boards. In this article, you’ll learn how Talkpush and Jobstreet work together to deliver a seamless and quality candidate experience!

📌Jobstreet Candidate Journey

Job boards can be linked to Talkpush via an inbound email address that receives all applications from a job post.
Once an application is submitted, a candidate profile will be created inside the Talkpush job campaign. Next, a notification with a link to messenger or landing page will be sent out to the candidate to start the pre-screening stage right away, even from their mobile phones! Let the candidates fully express themselves by having them respond in audio or video -- you can set it up in the Campaign Settings > Question Tab.
After the pre-screening stage, you can further automate the process by setting triggers and criteria for the next step. You can check this article on AutoFlow to learn how. 😎 If an appointment needs to be set, no need to chase your candidates for a schedule. Let them choose their availability and book straight to your calendar -- in this way, both you and the candidate will come prepared for the interview.
Lastly, when the candidate gets hired, we can further guide them during the onboarding process and on their first day with our Talkpush Onboard program.

Ready? Let's set it up and get started!

⚙️ How to configure it?

I. Log in to your SIVA account. (employer log in)

II. Once logged in, go to Advertisements, and click ‘Create Advertisements’.

III. Fill out the job details.

IV. Before you go to the next step, access your Talkpush CRM on a new tab and look for the campaign where you want your Jobstreet leads to be added. Click the ‘more’ icon on the far right, and click on Sourcing.

V. Scroll down until the Job Board section. Copy the inbound email address as shown below. Keep this as you’ll use this for the next step. (**Inbound email address is unique for each campaign)

VI. Back to your Jobstreet dashboard, under Job Application Options, place the ‘Talkpush inbound email’ on the space provided for the email address, as shown below:

VII. You're done! Complete and test your Jobstreet post. Jobstreet will forward the candidate CV to Talkpush via the inbound email address, and Talkpush will create the candidate profile on your campaign.

Jobstreet added a feature where you can redirect your candidates to a URL, in this case, you can also use a custom source Talkpush landing page or your Facebook messenger link so candidates can complete their pre-screening stage right away!

⚙️How to create custom URLs?

📌 Facebook Messenger Custom Source Link

Step 1: Go to the campaign you’ll be using for your Jobstreet leads, then click the Sourcing tab.
Step 2: The first section is for the Facebook Messenger link. Choose your Facebook Page from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Input ‘Jobstreet’ as the source.

Step 4: Click ‘Create URL’ and copy the URL back to Jobstreet.

📌 Landing Page Custom Source Link

Step 1: Go to the campaign you’ll be using for your Jobstreet leads, then click the Sourcing tab.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Landing Pages section. Under ‘Customize the Landing Page Source’, input ‘Jobstreet’ as the source name.

Step 3: Next, it would require you to input a redirect URL – in this case, you can use your Facebook Page link or your company’s website.
Step 4: Lastly, input the waiting time in seconds before a candidate gets redirected to another page.

Step 5: Click ‘Create URL’ and copy the URL back to Jobstreet.

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