What is Question Template Library?

Building great job application questionnaires is now a breeze. The Question Templates allow recruiters to create standard questions that can be easily used in campaigns. Having pre-created questions makes building Campaign Questions quick and easily. The Question Templates also gives recruiters a view of all questions available, and ensure that questions are mapped to the correct Candidate Attributes without overlaps, which can mess up the candidate data.


Permissions Required: You need to have Owner, Manager or Onboarding Admin role

To access the Question Templates

  • Go to the header menu and select Templates. You'll see the Question Templates page

  • Questions are alphabetically arranged

  • Search for a question by typing a keyword on the search bar

  • Filter questions by response type

  • Sort questions by clicking on the column headers

To create a new question:

  • Click on Create Question

  • Type your question

  • Select the response type

Response Types


🔤 Text

For short text or long text answers

🔘 Multiple-choice

Max. 20 characters per field

2-10 options

🎙️ Audio

Compatible with Chrome and Android

🔤 Audio/Text

If voice recording is not available, candidates can answer via audio

📹 Video

Compatible with Chrome and Android

📂 File Upload


  • Map the candidate response to a candidate attribute/data point

  • Click Save

💡 If a candidate attribute you needed is not on the list, you can create them from the Candidate Attribute settings. Click here to know how.

❓Why do I need to use data mapping?

Data mapping saves the candidate's responses under 'Other Information' on their candidate profile. From the main Leads Page, you can easily search and filter your candidates according to these data points/attributes. It will be very useful in AutoFlow, as you can use these as triggers and criteria for automated processing. The same goes if you have other systems you'd like to integrate into Talkpush. Furthermore, it is much easier to view the responses and use them as a basis during their interview.

To edit a question template

If you want to edit a campaign question, you have to go to the Question Templates to edit the question.

  • Go to Question Templates

  • Select the question, or click the 'more' icon on a question row to see the ‘Edit’ option.

  • Edit and save your changes

  • When saving your changes, you will be prompted to confirm as shown below:

💡 When editing a question template, the changes will also reflect on the questions in your campaigns.

  • You can also delete a question by clicking the Delete button

  • Once clicked, you should see a prompt for delete confirmation.

💡 When deleting a question template, the changes will NOT affect the questions in your campaigns. The question template will only be removed on this list, but not on the campaigns.

Campaign Questions

Create campaign questions by using the questions in the Question Templates library.

To create a campaign question using template:

  • Go to the Campaign Settings and click Questions

  • Click Add Question

  • Choose the desired question from the drop-down list

  • You can then sort the order of the questions by clicking and holding the drag icon per row.

  • To delete a question, click on the question and click the trash icon

  • Click Save.

To create a campaign question without a template:

  • Click Add Question

  • Instead of selecting from the template dropdown, click + Create New

  • Create your custom question

  • Click Save

To use a template and edit it to become a custom question:

  • Click Add Question

  • Select a template

  • Click the question row and click the pencil icon

  • Edit the question

  • Click Save

To save an existing campaign question as a template:

  • Click the question row

  • Click the pencil icon

  • In the Edit Question page, click Save as Template

  • The question will be added to Question Templates

If the custom question already exists in Question Templates, you'll see an error indicating that it already exists.


1. Can I add questions to the question template library?
- Only Owners, Managers, and Onboarding Admins can create questions in the question template library.

2. What will happen to my existing questions prior to this update?

- All questions that are already existing in your campaigns will remain as custom questions. You can add them to the Question Templates by editing the question, and clicking Save as Template.

3. I added a question to my campaign, but the response type and candidate attribute linked are not what I needed. Can I change it?
- Yes you can. After selecting the template, edit it and change the candidate data mapping.

4. Can I sort questions on the question template page?
- Yes, you can sort them alphabetically and by data map.

5. I have 2 similar questions, but different candidate attributes are linked. Are they merged on this question template library?
- We display unique questions on this page, however, even though the 2 questions are similar since each is mapped to a different attribute, the system will save each question as a unique template.

6. How many multiple-choice options can I add?
- You can add up to 10 multiple choice options – a maximum of 20 characters per field.

7. Can I create duplicate question templates?
- The system will display an error “Question already exists”. You can then search the existing question by typing in keywords on the search bar.

8. If I delete a question from the question template library, will it also delete that question from my campaigns?
- No, it will only be removed from the question template library. Campaign questions using the template will not be affected.

9. Can I add duplicate questions on the campaign questionnaire?

- You can't add the same question template twice in your campaign questionnaire. But you can create the same custom question using + Create New. We strongly advice checking the questions to make sure there are no duplicates for the best candidate experience.

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