Onboarding fresh hires are now faster and easier with Talkpush Onboard's automated onboarding. Talkpush Onboard provides a seamless candidate experience from applying to onboarding. The same AI recruiter that assisted a candidate through their job application can guide them through their onboarding requirements.

With Talkpush Onboard, you'll be able to automate manual tasks such as sending reminders to new hires to complete their requirements, collecting necessary documents, and keeping new hires warm up to their first day.


Permissions Required: Only companies that have Talkpush Onboard activated can access these features. Speak to your Customer Success Manager to guide you on how to activate Talkpush Onboard for your team.

⭐️Onboarding AI

The Talkpush Onboard solution includes an onboarding AI, which is simply an extension of your sourcing chatbot. The bot can handle tasks for your onboarding team such as:

  • Send welcome messages

  • Provide company information (benefits, HMO, facilities tour)

  • Answer FAQs

  • Send reminders

You can design the experience of your onboarding bot with the help of our Conversation Designers and your Customer Success Manager.

📌How to Access the Onboarding Bot

In order to access the onboarding bot, candidates should be in the Hired status.

To set a candidate as Hired:

  • On the Leads page, bulk select the candidates

  • On the Bulk Actions, select Hire action

  • Confirm the action

  • You can also hire candidates one by one by clicking the Hire button on their profile

To give access to the onboarding bot:

  • On the Leads page, with the Hired candidates selected

  • Compose a message and include instructions to click on the onboarding link

  • Select the <Onboarding Link> token and insert it in your message

  • Send the message via Messenger, SMS, or email

  • Candidates who click on the link will be directed to Messenger and greeted by your onboarding bot

  • Alternatively, create an AutoFlow which automatically sends the onboarding link whenever candidates are moved to the Hired folder

Effects of moving candidates to the Hired folder:

  • If a candidate has multiple applications, and one application was moved to the Hired folder, the rest of the applications will only be able to access the onboarding bot and not the application bot

  • Moving them to a custom folder will retain their hired status

⭐️Onboarding Features in the CRM

📌 Onboarding Roles

To access the Talkpush Onboard features on the CRM, you should have an Onboarding Admin role.

To assign this role:

  • As an Owner, go to Company Settings > Team

  • Set the role of a user to Onboarding Admin

📌 Onboarding Questions

With Talkpush Onboard, you can create a separate set of questions specific for onboarding. These will be answered by candidates with the Hired status only.

I. To enable Onboarding Questions:

  • Go to Campaigns list

  • Go to a campaign's Settings

  • Change the Enable Onboarding toggle to YES

  • Refresh the page, and you'll see a new tab Onboarding Questions on the side navigation

II. Create Onboarding Questions

  • Go to Onboarding Questions tab

  • Click Save

III. Answer Onboarding Questions

  • You can create a quick reply or compose a message and insert the <Onboarding Form Link> token. This is important because this link is only available to candidates with the Hired status.

  • If a candidate does not have the Hired status, this link will not work. Of course, candidates who have not completed their pre-screening should only get the screening questions and not the onboarding questions. So only use this token for onboarding.

  • On clicking this link, candidates will be able to see your onboarding questionnaire and answer them.

  • We know that it takes time to submit all onboarding requirements, so fresh hires can keep coming back to this page and submit requirements as they become available.

  • When they return to this page, questions they already answered before will disappear until all no onboarding questions are left.

  • An email notification will be sent to the recruiter assigned once the new hire completes submitting all documents asked.

📌 Document Collection

You can ask for required documents as part of your onboarding questions. Build your document templates in order to map the candidates' submissions to the proper type of document.

I. To create a document template:

  • Go to Templates on the main menu

  • Go to Documents

  • Click Collect Document

  • Input a Document Name (maximum of 70 characters)

  • Upload Sample if you'd like to guide the user on what the document should look like, or need to ask them to download a file, fill it out and upload the filled out document (PNG, JPEG, Doc, PDF, CSV).

  • Add Instructions which will be shown every time you request this document, so you don't need to keep typing the same instructions (maximum 300 characters)

  • Choose the Permission level – Full access means the document can be viewed/downloaded by anyone. Restricted access means only the Onboarding Admin can access the document.

  • Click Save.

II. To manage candidate's documents

Once a candidate submits the necessary documents, you can find them in the Document section of the candidate’s profile.

  • Go to Leads

  • Search or filter the candidate

  • On their profile, click the Documents tab

  • If a file submitted is not what you are looking for, click the pencil icon to edit the document, and delete the file

📌 Request Documents via Email or Chatbot with Attachment Tokens

You can request a single document through email or chat, and map the document to the correct template by using the <mail attachment token> and <chat attachment token>.

To use the <mail attachment token>:

  • Select the candidate you need to request the document from

  • Compose a message, ended by <mail attachment token> (💡type ‘mail’ to pull up the token, then click the token or press TAB)

  • It will ask you to select a Document Type. Choose Attachment if you want the file to be saved in the Attachments section or a document template.

  • Confirm your action.

  • Select the channel where you'll send the message

  • Click Send. Once sent, the message should look like this:

  • When the candidate sends the document to the email address, the document will be saved on the document template you specified.

To use the <chat attachment token>:

  • Everything is the same as the mail attachment token, except that when sent, the token will not contain an email address.

  • The candidate can send the document through chat, the document will be saved on the document template you specified.

📌 Download Documents from the Candidate Profile

Onboarding admins can download all submitted documents from the ‘Documents’ section.

I. To download an individual document:

  • Go to the candidate's profile

  • Go to Documents tab

  • Select a document, and click on the file

  • The file will open in a new tab. You can download the file from there.

II. To download all the documents at once:

  • Go to the candidate's profile

  • Go to Documents tab

  • Click Download

  • Documents will be compressed in a zip file with the file name.

Talkpush Onboard complete!

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