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  • Activating the Facebook Jobs will list the job on the Facebook marketplace allows the campaign to be searchable

  • Learn more about Facebook Jobs here.

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Facebook Job Listing Status

See all your Facebook Job status in one screen

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The enhanced Facebook Job Integration.

✅ Talkpush CRM can integrate your entire job campaigns into Facebook Jobs automatically.
✅ Recruiters have the visibility to check their Facebook campaigns'
current status on a single screen.
✅ New pop up notifications for your Facebook job status.

Facebook Page Configuration

Before we proceed to the different FB job status, make sure to perform these configuration steps to ensure that your branding will show on the actual FB Jobs post.

Step 1: In the FB page settings, click on "settings"
Step 2: Go to "jobs section"
Step 3: For the final step, once you reached this page, click on "choose and action" and choose "connect".

Here's How this Works

As soon as you log in to your account, click on campaigns to load the campaign list table. Notice that there are five types of FB Job Status.

  • Pending - just submitted/waiting result

  • Error Detected <i> - location is invalid, etc

  • Approved <i> - job is listed, missing photo, etc

  • Rejected <i> - violates policy

  • Not Listed

Let's go through each status in more detail 😉

❌ Rejected

This status means that the campaign violates the Facebook Job Policy.

To read all about it, go to the Sourcing settings.

💡Tip: To fix this, see the job title, the short and long description of the campaign job settings.

⚠️ Error Detected

This error means that your location or other campaign details are invalid.

Go to the Sourcing settings for more information on this.

To fix this, go to the main settings of the campaign and change the location.
💡Tip: You may use google maps to locate the correct location of your office


This status means that the campaign is live in Facebook Jobs

Go to your the sourcing settings to check the Facebook Job link for this campaign


This status means that Facebook is currently reviewing this and it will take 1-5 working days to approve the campaign.

🚫 Not Listed

This status means that the Facebook job has been switched off. To turn this on, go to the sourcing tab, just like the steps above.☝

Thanks for reading! 😉


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